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Beach Blanket Beledi 2017

By: | posted on: Oct 6, 2017

Date(s) - 10/06/2017 - 10/07/2017
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Nags Head


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Beach Blanket Beledi is an annual seminar and dance party held in Nags Head, NC, on Columbus Day weekend. The twenty-third annual event is on October 6-7, 2017. The focus of Beach Blanket Beledi is that dance is serious fun. The emphasis is on creativity, exploration, and innovation.

Beach Blanket Beledi offers three classes in three different, but often complementary, subjects that are guaranteed to pique your interest and expand your dance horizons.The BBB 2017 teachers are:

Riskallah Riyad: An instructor and performer of unparalleled originality. Her combinations and choreographies are imaginative and challenging. Her love of dance and unlimited vitality show in both the classroom and in each and every performance. Her solo and ensemble choreographies in folk and classical Oriental styles demonstrate a deep understanding of their cultural origins. Her work always retains an authentic flavor while being distinctly her own. Further, her contemporary fusion works succeed in expressing modern day reverence, mystery, and appreciation for drama.

Riskallah will present Embrace the Silence, techniques for introducing the unique energy of stillness into your dance through phrasing, pauses, breathing, and complete cessation of movement. Learn to speak volumes through the many sounds of silence.

Habiba: An internationally recognized performer, choreographer, teacher and authority on dances of the Middle East. She was a student of Ibrahim Farrah for many years. On numerous trips to Tunisia and Egypt, she studied with members of the Tunisian National Folklore Troupe, and top Egyptian teachers including Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda and Nadia Hamdi. An outreach lecturer for the Penn Museum of Archaeology and author of numerous mideastern dance articles for national magazines, she currently writes for The Chronicles of Belly Dance. Honors include the AAMED Belly Dance Hall of Fame (1997), 2001 IAMED Ethnic Dancer of the Year, and 2014 Jewel of the Orient Icon Award. Habiba will present a choreography for a Beledi Progression, the heart and soul of Egyptian raqs al sharqi, and the (originally improvised) bridge between the taqsim and the drum solo. The choreography is suitable for a stand-alone performance, or to be included in your Egyptian-style performance.

Chelydra: Early in her career as a middle eastern dancer, Chelydra fell in love with the folk dances of North Africa and the Middle East. As the original artistic director of the Caravan East Dance Troupe, and then through Dancing Turtle Folk Arts, she has performed and taught these dances throughout the mid-Atlantic region for more than two decades, and is proud to have been selected twice to perform in the ODU Local Choreographer’s Showcase. She considers dance to be serious fun.

Chelydra will present Amp It Up!, adding the “live performance” impact of zils (finger cymbals) when dancing to recorded music. Learn to play your cymbals intuitively, using rhythm, melody, patterns, and accent.

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