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Egypt Virtual Tour of Abu Simbel

Jan 23, 2021 - Dec 25, 2021

Online Events by World Virtual Tours Join us on this virtual tour to the south of Egypt, where we virtually visit the Temples of Abu(...)

Romantic Tour of Marrakech for Couple - Virtual Live Tour 2 Hours

May 8, 2021 - Dec 26, 2021

Romantic Getaway - Explore Marrakech with a local guide on a walking excursion in the medina. About this Event Book a Marrakech Medina Guided Virtual(...)

WeAddHeart Beirut - Lebanon [online]

Jul 28, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021

WeAddHeart is a growing international movement empowering people to connect with their heart and the hearts of others, to live more fully from the heart(...)

Jummah Gathering

Sep 3, 2021 - Jan 1, 2022

Jummah Gathering Show event image and caption SPECIAL EVENTS, RELIGIOUS, FEATURED EVENT, WORSHIP, PASTORAL CARE 1.00 PM Qur’anic Recitation 1.15 PM Call to Prayer (adhan) 1.20 PM Sermon &(...)

Arabic Language Classes at Miftaah Online-Fall 2021

Sep 15, 2021 - Dec 15, 2021

ONLINE From, Wednesday, September 15, 2021, to Wednesday, December 15, 2021, for Arabic 201, the time is 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST.  Course Description(...)

A History of Egypt through the Egypt Centre Collection

Sep 26, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021

ZOOM This 10-week course will explore the history of Egypt, focusing on the objects in the Egypt Centre collection About this event Course Synopsis With(...)

Islam Invitationals 2021

Oct 9, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021

You won't know unless you go. Time to Get Real. About this event REVEAL THE FACTS Learn about Islam and the Muslim community from the(...)

Belly Dance Classes (Beginners) -- IN PERSON

Oct 14, 2021 - Oct 28, 2021

About this event Learn to belly dance! Come try this beautiful dance form, inspired by traditional dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Belly(...)
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Latest news

Qatar Continues its Principled Rejection of the Abraham Accords as Anti-Palestinian

Oct 20, 2021

Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has been a principled voice against the Abraham Accords as anti-Palestinian(...)

U.S. Palestinian Community Stands Against the Palestinian Authority’s Attacks on Palestinian Leaders

Oct 20, 2021

Mahmoud Abbas - President of the PANizar BanatDr. Osama Abu Irshaid By: Omar Mansour / Arab America Contributing Writer The(...)

Rukabs: The History of the World Renowned Ice-Cream from Ramallah

Oct 20, 2021

Classic dish being served at Rukabs. Emily Harris/NPR By Mohamed Erekat / Arab America Contributing writerThe word 'Palestine' has become(...)

Palestine Takes Over Netflix

Oct 20, 2021

By: Anthony Bayyouk / Arab America Contributing Writer Introduction Netflix has released 32 Palestiaian films on their platform. Each film(...)

The Importance of Social Justice and Equality in Islam

Oct 20, 2021

By: Leyelle Mosallam / Arab America Contributing Writer The entire religion of Islam is based on Tawhid, which is the(...)

Foukara Joins Connect Arab America’s Empowerment Summit, A Role Model for Arab American Journalists in America.

Oct 20, 2021

“America has been a land of opportunity. But a community’s success here is neither a foregone conclusion nor an irrevocable(...)
The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE; Efforts for Preservation

The Gradual Decline of Coral Reefs in the UAE: Efforts for Preservation

Oct 20, 2021

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Marek Okon. By: MacKenzie DiLeo/Arab America Contributing Writer The United Arab Emirates is home to(...)

The Rich Christian History of Libya

Oct 20, 2021

Christianity in Libya, Catholic Church, Tripoli Source: Pin By: Ruqyah Sweidan/Arab America Contributing Writer One of the lesser-known demographic facts(...)
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the arab & american business directory

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