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Author Archives: Amy Hensler

Islamic Organizations Fight for Muslim Communities

Photo by Islamic Relief  by Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  Today, an estimated 3.45 million Muslim Americans are living in an environment of hostility, where they are subjected to extremists, hate crimes, and discrimination in their everyday lives. Now more than ever, Muslims are in need of protection from community organizations dedicated to combating harmful … Continued

How Northern Virginia Arab Americans Helped this Candidate Win an Election

by Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  On January 12th, Virginia’s 86th district held an election to pick the nominations for the House of Delegates District special election next month. Virginia’s 86th district contains portions of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. The seat is open because former delegate, Jennifer Boysko, won the 33rd District state Senate seat … Continued

Up for an Oscar, Labaki Makes Lebanon Proud with Film “Capernaum”

Director Nadine Labaki and Capernaum star, Zain Al Rafeea, at the 71st Cannes Film Festival last year. Photo: Reuters By: Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  Nadine Labaki was shortlisted for an Oscar for her critically acclaimed film Capernaum. This brilliantly directed Lebanese drama focuses on the life of a young Syrian refugee, Zain (played by … Continued

HaBZ Release New Video: Arab American Male

  By: Amy Hensler/Arab American Contributing Writer  New to the music scene Ali Habhab, or more commonly known under the stage name HaBZ, is shaking up the music community with his innovative lyrics. He just released his newest hit, Arab American Male, a song that tackles stereotypes that negatively impact the Arab community. Arab American … Continued

What Arab Americans Wish for in 2019

By: Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  2018 has been a pivotal year for Arab Americans. From electing the first Muslim women in Congress to Jamal Khashoggi’s violent and untimely death, 2018 has proved to be a pivotal year. The Arab World proves to be one of the most dynamic regions in the world, thus making … Continued

Knowing Arabic Leads to Many Exciting Careers

By Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  Today, as many as 420 million people speak the Arabic language. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world, and many people have decided that learning this important language will help them in their careers. Knowing the Arabic language can help individuals succeed in many ways. Speaking … Continued

Tahini: The Secret Arab Paste you must Keep Eating this Season

By Amy Hensler/Arab American Contributing Writer Many Americans are not familiar with the wonders of Tahini. This Arab paste has many uses in the cooking world, but it is also amazing for your health. Tahini is made from ground toasted sesame seeds, and the most common dishes that include it are: baba ghanoush, hummus, halva, … Continued

Are Arab Americans Responding to the Disaster in Yemen?

By Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  This week US Senator Bernie Sanders will go to the floor of the United States Senate to try and stop U.S. support for the war in Yemen. The Yemen crisis has been an international disaster. The conflict has escalated from the civil war that resulted from the Arab Spring … Continued

Celebrating Thanksgiving, is America Following their True Values?

By: Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer Thanksgiving is a holiday that was celebrated by the Pilgrims and Native Americans long ago.  It was prompted by the values of generosity, charity, unity, and humanity.  In November 1621, the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth, Massachusettes to celebrate a good harvest and a … Continued

Arab Americans Make Significant Gains in Congress

By: Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer Last night, Arab Americans made significant gains in Congress after the 2018 general elections. Arab American delegates from both the Democratic and Republican parties took major steps to represent the community they owe their success to. Each Arab American candidate vows to serve their community differently, but nonetheless, they … Continued

Trump Scapegoats Arabs in Migrant Crisis

Photo: BBC By Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer  On October 22nd, President Donald Trump tweeted about the Central American migrant caravans, stating that “sadly, it looks like Mexico’s Police and Military are unable to stop the Caravan heading to the Southern Border of the United States. Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in. I … Continued

FAA Law Prevents Discrimination Against Arab Americans

By: Amy Hensler/Arab America Contributing Writer After the terror attacks on the World Trade Center during 9/11, security in the United States changed dramatically in order to protect our population from events like this from ever occurring again. Security policy after 9/11 changed by increasing government surveillance and creating stricter travel rules. With the rise … Continued

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