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Author Archives: Adriana Murray

Knafeh: The Queen of Arab Desserts

BY: Adriana Murray/Arab America Contributing Writer Desserts have become the star dish during a meal, moving the main course to the sideline. They garner so much of our love and attention that they’ve received their own special day. October 14 is National Dessert Day, so indulge in your sweet tooth today because sugary sweets will … Continued

Remembering beloved Arab American Professor Irfan Shahid

BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer While last week seemed to fly by with all the craziness from the election, the Washington, DC community mourned the loss of the beloved Arab American Professor Irfan Shahid of Georgetown University. Professor Shahid was born in Nazareth in 1926 when the city was still part of Palestine. However, he later … Continued

Masgouf: An ancient dish withstanding the test of time

By: Adriana Murray/Arab America Contributing Writer The world cannot overlook Iraq as a home to ancient recipes still being used today to bring people together. At the top of the list of Iraq’s finest meals is masgouf, a Mesopotamian meal consisting of grilled carp. Originating in the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, masgouf … Continued

Trump’s Inflammatory Remarks May Empower School Bullies

BY:Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer The 2016 election has been focused on hot button issues that find strong opposition and support, including immigration and foreign policy. Both the media and general public have taken notice on key moments, such as the candidate’s temperament and their treatment of others on the campaign trail. While Clinton has received criticism … Continued

9 Occasions When Arabs Serve Mansaf

BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer  Mansaf is a dish worthy of cooking at nearly any occasion. This historic dish has been used by generations of Bedouins and Arabs to quite literally bring a large group of people around one huge round tray called Sidir. As the national dish of Jordan, mansaf has grown to become a … Continued

Arab Americans and African Americans Deserve Positive Media

By: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer For decades, African Americans have been perceived as dangerous and threatening. Empirical research shows that the majority of Americans view black males, in particular, as more threatening than their white counterparts. Media plays a significant role in how this racial bias was formed. The popular Civil War epic, Birth of a … Continued

‘Israeli American’ Restaurants serving up traditional Arab dishes

  BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing writer Cultural appropriation seems to never go out of style, especially when it comes to food.  Los Angeles has become a nesting ground for trendy restaurants that specialize in serving renditions of traditional dishes from various cultures. In recent years, Israeli American restaurants have gained popularity in the city known for being one … Continued

15 Reasons Alexandria, Egypt should be on everyone’s vacation list

BY:Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer 1. “Be heard across the ruins” via GIPHY While in Alexandria be sure to take a stroll through the Amphitheater which was once used for musical performances and poetry. Visitors rave standing at the center of theater is a wonderful experience where echos can be heard across the ancient ruins. 2.“Taste bud … Continued

Why Beirut was Named the Top International City for Food

BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer  People often ask what they possibly have in common with someone halfway across the world and the answer is food.  Everyone desires not only to nourish their bodies, but also to have incredibly delicious food experiences. This week, Arab Americans, as well as Arabs everywhere, can be proud that Beirut, Lebanon … Continued

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