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Author Archives: Clara Ruplinger

Arab American Women Have Strong Words for Donald Trump

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer Dear Donald Trump, Do you even know what you’re talking about anymore? Muslim women have been speaking up and speaking out for years; you just don’t want to hear it. Your implication the other day that Mrs. Khan wasn’t allowed to speak at the DNC on account of her religion … Continued

Dresses of the Arab World

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer Women’s dress in the Arab World is stylish and diverse, with cultural heritage that is long and unique. Some outfits, like the Abaya and Thawb, are quite common, but have many different regional expressions. Other outfits are highly unique, depending on the country they come from. Embroidery and craftsmanship is … Continued

The Legacy of Edward Said

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer Edward Said, notable academic and scholar of post-colonial criticism, was born on November 1, 1935 in Jerusalem, which was then part of the British Mandate of Palestine. Born to a Lebanese mother and Christian Palestinian father, he became an American after his father gave military service to the U.S. during … Continued

Two Arab Americans Nominated for Emmys

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer This year, 18 minorities have received an Emmy nomination, which is up from 11 the previous year. Included in this list are two Arab Americans: Rami Malek, lead actor on Mr. Robot, was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series; and Sam Esmail, a writer for Mr. Robot, was … Continued

A Non-Muslim’s Journey through her First Ramadan

  BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing writer This year, I decided to embark on a challenging journey: My first Ramadan. I am a 21-year-old woman, born to a Catholic family, but decided to explore faith through fasting. A culmination of all the learning that I have done about Islam in the past few years guided me in … Continued

28 Photos of Syria, Before and After

Before the Syrian war, Aleppo was a city of culture and arts thousands of years old. This city boasted architecture, bazaars, world class malls and hotels, every manner of attraction. Now, they are all gone. Thousands of years of architecture, history and culture, destroyed in the blink of an eye by bombs falling from above. … Continued

Simon Baz, Our New Favorite Superhero

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer Simon Baz, the latest member of the Green Lantern Corps, is Arab America’s new favorite superhero. Simon Baz is an Arab American Muslim superhero. Not a villain, not a terrorist, not a stereotyped extra. He has his own comic, his own platform, and a full-fledged story. Also, he has the … Continued

She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World

She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer This summer, Washington’s National Museum of women in the arts is displaying She Who Tells a Story, or in Arabic, Rawiya (راوية), which brings together art from 12 women photographers from Iran and the Arab world. The series is as … Continued

We Can’t Turn Our Backs Again on Refugees

Imagine being a parent explaining to their children what the sounds of bombs are. “When the shelling became heavier, I would tell them it was fireworks, but I could not lie any longer,” one mother says in the video. The only voices we seem to hear in the U.S. are the ones that invoke fear … Continued

#RumiWasntWhite – Hollywood Continues to Whitewash Films

BY: Clara Ana Ruplinger/Contributing Writer Recent news sources say that the writer of the box office hit film, The Gladiator, David Franzoni, wants to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as poet Jalaluddin al-Rumi, and Robert Downey Jr. as Shams of Tabriz, Rumi’s mentor. This line up of actors were selected for an upcoming film about the Iranian … Continued

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