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In Harm’s Way

By: Barbara Nimri Aziz / Arab America Contributing Writer What’s the world’s fascination with dead, dying, and orphaned children? Wait, before you condemn what seems to be callousness. My point is this: our focus is on the exclusion of those children’s fathers, uncles, and big brothers. Intentional or not. Fascination or fixation, it’s basically the … Continued

This Holiday Season: Support Companies that Speak Up for Palestine

By: Zayna Salloum / Arab America Contributing Writer As the holiday season draws near, we have found it increasingly challenging to embrace the joyful spirit of Christmas while being aware of the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Each passing day feels like a recurring cycle of sorrow and violence, witnessing a distressing live portrayal of … Continued

American Middle East Voters Alliance-PAC Announces New Endorsement Process to Address Candidate Qualifications for Public Office and Judiciary Amid Law Firms Suspected of Intolerance and Bias

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMVOTE-PAC announced on Monday that it has amended its endorsement process to address candidate qualifications for public office and judiciary amid law firms suspected of intolerance and bias. AMVOTE-PAC will implement in its endorsement process an explicit inquiry concerning diversity and inclusion practices of law firms presenting candidates for public office and … Continued

Israel Closes in on Hamas but Faces a Quagmire

Photo: Wiki Commons By: Ghassan Michel Rubeiz / Arab America Contributing Writer In Foreign Policy, Hisham Melhem captures the framing of the Gaza war, on both sides of the conflict: Some ranked Hamas’s butchery with the Holocaust, a shocking trivialization of the greatest crime against the Jews in modern times. Some on the other side … Continued

Letter to the Children of Gaza

Photo Credit: Dwayne Booth (a.k.a., Mr. Fish) By: Arab America Guest Contributing Writer / Chris Hedges Narrated by Eunice Wong: Dear child. It is past midnight. I am flying at hundreds of miles an hour in the darkness, thousands of feet over the Atlantic Ocean. I am traveling to Egypt. I will go to the … Continued

Arab America Announces Spring 2024 Internship Opportunities

Arab America, the leading provider of digital media regarding the Arab and Arab American identity, announces Spring 2024 internship/externship opportunities. Application Deadline: Open until all positions are filled. Term: 4 Months–Beginning December (Flexible) Responsibilities: Interns selected will be asked to focus on four or more of the following areas: *Applicants with marketing and digital communications … Continued

Gaza War Changed the Middle East and Alarmed the World

By: Ghassan Michel Rubeiz / Arab America Contributing Writer On October 7th the political landscape of the Middle East changed significantly: The framing of analysis and terminology used in discussing this crisis is highly subjective. The most regrettable change is in attitudes of both sides of the conflict; fear and anger are distorting perceptions. War objectives … Continued

Breaking News: Doubletree Hilton Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando Cancels Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON DC, October 28, 2023–It is with regret we inform you that the Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit, scheduled for November 3-4 in Orlando, Florida, has been unilaterally canceled by the Doubletree Hilton Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. The stated reason for this last-minute unilateral cancellation is security. Yet, we believe … Continued

Arab America Foundation Announces Program for the CONNECT Arab America: Empowerment Summit 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE REGISTER HERE (WASHINGTON, D.C., October 23, 2023)– The Arab America Foundation is excited to announce the program for the CONNECT Arab America: Empowerment Summit November 3-4 at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld. Connect Arab America: Empowerment Summit Program Venue: Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld, 10100 International Drive, … Continued

What is the Gaza Strip?

On October 7, the military wing of Hamas conducted an air and ground attack against Israel, taking hostages back into the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government responded with a complete siege on Gaza, stopping deliveries of food, water, electricity and other supplies, and carried out retaliatory air strikes. Breaking Updates Over 1,300 people in Israel and 1,799 people in Gaza have been killed. Between 100 and … Continued

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