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Author Archives: Katelin Teague

Can You Identify These Everyday Arab Gestures?

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Like other cultures around the globe, the Arab world is comprised of iconic behaviors that constitute the Arab identity.  When it comes to hand gestures, it is imperative that you understand the most important ones and how to use them appropriately.  Are you familiar with them?  Take this quiz … Continued

Ten Souvenirs that will Complete your Trip to the Arab World

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Traveling provides us with experiences and memories that last a lifetime.  Why not remember them better by taking home a few souvenirs?  In the Arab world, traditional souvenirs are abundant, and most will fit perfectly in your suitcases.  Check out the most popular items travelers will bring home from … Continued

Celebrating the Life of Congressman Paul Findley

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer On August 9th, the United States lost 11-term Republican congressman Paul Findley.  He was 98 years old and suffering from congestive heart failure when he passed away in his hometown of Jacksonville, Illinois.  As a leader in government for the support of Palestinian rights, Mr. Findley will be remembered … Continued

A Food Critic Feeds his Love for Lebanese Cuisine at the Source

By BILL ADDISON RESTAURANT CRITIC / Los Angeles Times AUG. 17, 2019 I’ve been thinking lately about the ways that cuisines are transformed and reinterpreted when they’re translated from home cooking to a professional kitchen. It was the subject of my newsletter last week, in conversations with food writers Andy Baraghani and Naz Deravian on the … Continued

Arab Hostels 101

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer Traveling to the Middle East and North Africa but don’t want to stay in fancy hotels your entire trip?  We’ve got you covered.  Hostels are an excellent option when staying in the Arab world, but you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure a safe and fun vacation.  If you … Continued

Egyptian Bent Pyramid Now Open for Business

By Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer As of this month, the Bent Pyramid is now open to visitors around the world; something that hasn’t been available to the public for 54 years.  The opening of the site will serve as an important boost in Egypt’s tourism industry, given the exciting opportunity to explore the inside … Continued

This Is How Newborns Are Celebrated in the Arab Culture

By: Haneen Abu Al Neel/Arab America Contributing Writer While varied in cultural traditions, almost all people in the Arab World and elsewhere can’t hold back celebrations for newborn babies. Today’s traditional ceremonies are rooted in religious beliefs, and in some cases, they have even become integrated with cultural practices. The values reflected in newborns’ celebrations … Continued

“Send Her (Omar) Back“ vs. “Welcome Home Ilhan”: Who Will Win This Epic Battle? Will Reason & Justice Prevail Over Racism and Islamophobia?

By: John Mason/ Arab America Contributing Writer Trump “Invitation” to four Congresswomen of Color to Leave the U.S. In an earlier post, we reported that President Trump had tweeted an “invitation” to four Democratic Congresswomen of color to leave the country. Not mentioning them by name, Trump targeted the left-leaning caucus, self-defined as the “Squad,” … Continued

White House Islamophobia Continues to Rear its Ugly Head—Trump Tells Democratic Congresswomen: “Go Back to Where You Came From”

By John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer President Trump has tweeted an “invitation” to four Congresswomen of color to leave the country. Two of them just happen to be Muslim, giving an Islamophobic tinge to an already xenophobic and racist message. His message is directed at his base of white American nationalists and others who support … Continued

The Arabic Ink Cliché

By: Katie Teague/Arab America Contributing Writer All around, tattoos of every shape and size greet the eye each day.  What was once a rarity reserved for the bikers and sailors of society, tattoos are now acceptable, if not, must-have in our time.  The tattoo-frenzy of the 21st century required multiple sources of inspiration to keep … Continued

A Sign of Hope? Federal Judge Allows Challenge Towards Muslim Ban

By Alena Khan/Arab America Contributing Writer Last week, a federal judge in Michigan, Victoria Roberts, denied a government request to dismiss a lawsuit against President Trump’s Muslim ban. This action by Judge Roberts allows the ban which limits immigration from several predominately Muslim countries to be challenged, calling out on its blatant unconstitutional religious discrimination.  … Continued

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