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Author Archives: Menal Elmaliki

How Technology is Improving Mental Health in Saudi Arabia

Mental health has been front and center especially after the pandemic making it hard for many leaders to deny. Saudi Arabia has faced a wide range of advancements in recent years one being the use of technology to address mental health. Apps such as Tuhoon and Houna have been developed to provide easy access to mental health services. With over half of the country having access to technology it makes it a plausible solution for the country. Join Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, as she describes the innovation of mental health technology in Saudi Arabia.

The History of Arabic Typography & How Arab Graphic Designers are Reinventing the Arabic Type Design

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer How the Arabic Language is Represented in West Hollywood’s Persistence of Arab Stereotypes From the earliest Hollywood portrayal of Arabs, The Sheik (1921), to oriental’s interpretation of the East in Aladdin (2019), where you’re not sure whether its Indian, Arab or Persian, to America’s beloved t.v series … Continued

The History of Zaatar And a Zaatar Cheesy Delight Recipe

Contributing writer Menal Elmaliki shares what is Zataar, the famous Middle Eastern spice, as well as its history and its importance in the region. Zatar is as popular in the region as ketchup is in America to those who aren’t from the region. What’s special about zatar is the thyme that it is used for, a wild thyme that grows in the Mediterranean and middle eastern region used in their cuisine, spread on bread and eaten with olive oil. Zatar traces back to biblical times and has a reputation being brain food.

How to Make Yemeni Fatta and Susi

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Is it Fatta or Susi? Fatta or susi, are one of the same recipes, but fatta refers to bread cut up and susi refers to bread that is layered which is similar to sabaya. Fatta is a famous Yemeni dish that is usually made for breakfast, lunch, … Continued

Afifa Iskandar, The Iraqi Blackbird

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer Afifa Iskandar Estefan, عفيفة إسكندر إصطيفان, is one of the most famous Iraqi singers of the 20th century. She is known for her traditional style of singing. Maqam-al-Iraqi is an old musical tradition that emphasizes the beauty of language. Modern Iraqi maqam is a genre of Arabic maqam … Continued

The Origin of Islamic Symbols, The Star & the Moon

Moon and star are symbols almost always associated with Islam, during the month of Ramadan, and during Eid holidays. The stars have been used in architectural designs throughout history, and the moon has even made its appearance on mosque pillars. The crescent moon topped off the exquisite design of the pillar dome and athan tower. Muslims are bombarded with (lantern) moons and star decor this Ramadan, But did we ever come to think what is the origin of islamic symbols and is it really Islamic? Arab America contributing writer, Menal Elmaliki, discusses the importance of these symbols in Islam.

The Arabs “Love Affair” with Dates & Recipes to Spice Up your Ramadan

For Muslims all across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, dates are a staple to their lives. Not only are dates significant for Muslims since they break their fasts during the holy month of Ramadan with it, but they are also cherished by Arabs. The Arab’s obsession is evident as it is present in every aspect of their culture, drinks, and food, etc. Contributing writer Menal Elmaliki will highlight the Arabs love affair with dates as well as share date inspired recipes to spice up your Ramadan.

Qamar Al-Din, The Recipe of the Middle East

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer The Golden Fruit Qamar Al-Din, قمر الدين, translates to the ‘Moon of the Religion or Faith,’ and it is one of the most famous beverages in the Middle East. Apricot, مشمش in Arabic, is the star of this drink and it is referred to as the fruit … Continued

18 Terrorist Cows & ‘Intifada Milk’

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer THE FILM The Wanted 18 is a Palestinian-Canadian animated documentary that incorporates both documentary-style filmmaking as well as traditional fictional animation. The film centers around the real-life tragedy of Palestinians in Beit Sahour, a Palestinian town that is located east of Bethlehem. It covers “the efforts of Palestinians … Continued

Charlie Hebdo’s All Time Low Mocking Turkey’s Earthquake Victims

By: Menal Elmaliki / Arab America Contributing Writer The publication, Charlie Hebdo, recently came under fire for mocking the victims of the deadly earthquakes in Turkey. The satire, which was posted on Twitter as their cartoon of the day, showcased buildings, overturned streets and cars, and rubble with the caption, “No need to send tanks,” in … Continued

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