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Author Archives: Marissa Ovassapian

Palestinian Film Festivals are on the Rise – Here’s Why

BY: Marissa Ovassapian/Contributing Writer   Palestinian film festivals are reaching every corner of the United States. This emerging trend is bringing Palestinian issues, culture, and thoughts to the forefront of viewers’ minds. Annually, Palestine film festivals can be found in Boston, Ann Arbor, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Rochester, and Washington, D.C. Festivals can also be found internationally … Continued

12 Reasons Armenians and Arabs Are Basically the Same

BY: Marissa Ovassapian/Contributing Writer As an Armenian working at an Arab media outlet, who speaks Arabic, and has traveled to the Arab World, I have come to notice many parallels between the Armenian and Arab cultures. As different as we may be, we share more similarities than most people realize. Here are 12 characteristics that … Continued

Australian Senator Echos Irrational Fears About Muslim Immigrants

BY: Marissa Ovassapian/Contributing Writer While Americans are being faced with questions of mass deportation, immigration reform, and bans on Muslim refugees ahead of the November elections, Australian Senator Pauline Hanson believes her country has a similar issue. According to the Senator, “[Australia] is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.” Hanson added that people would … Continued

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