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Author Archives: May Shabti

9 Arab Celebrities in the Fashion World

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab culture is best known for the exotic taste in fashion as well as the evident uniqueness. This culture does not follow the “modern trend” society has set for the rest of the world, but rather, it mixes and matches unique pieces in order to catch eyes and … Continued

How Arab American Parents Show Their Children Love

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer There tends to be a large number of different ways Arab American parents show their children love. Mothers are highly appreciated in the Arab culture and are looked up to in difficult situations when it comes to their children needing love and affection. For instance, a mother may have her … Continued

The Top 4 Things Arab Americans Value Greatly in Their Culture

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer Arab Americans share many great values in their culture. Values may include respecting one’s elders and how family roles are distributed in the household. Food is also greatly appreciated and Arab Americans tend to take pride in their delicious dishes. In addition, education and hospitality are greatly appreciated among … Continued

The 7 Creative Ways Arab Americans Eat Chickpeas

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer Chickpeas dishes are gaining popularity, especially, among vegetarians. There are a wide variety of health benefits by eating any food containing chickpeas which are particularly high in fiber. Studies have shown that people with type 2 Diabetes who consume high-fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels. Chickpeas are particularly high in … Continued

These Quick Arab Snacks are Healthy and Cheap!

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer In the Arab world, Arabs tend to rely a lot on quick snacks that are both healthy and easy to make or eat. Many of these quick snacks have been consumed in the Arab world for a long time. In fact, they are famous for their health benefits as well … Continued

Delicious Nuts and the Health Benefits Arab Americans Adore

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer You can hardly find any Arab kitchen that doesn’t serve or contain any form of nuts which have many uses.  Arab Americans include nuts in main dishes, desserts,  and even as a quick healthy snack, and most importantly when welcoming guests. It is usually the first thing you will … Continued

Drinks Arab American Appreciate for their Health Benefits

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer There are many health benefits that come along with drinks that are consumed heavily by the Arabic speaking populations.  Benefits may include simply relaxing the nerves of the body, as well as to cure insomnia and anxiety. These relaxing drinks listed below have been in the Arab tradition for … Continued

How I Use Sitti’s Home Remedies to Help Cure My Health Issues

By: May Shabti/Arab America Contributing Writer There are many Arab home remedies our grandmothers love to share with us! For centuries, Arabs have been using natural home health remedies to fix little problems, such as cuts, stings, and other sorts of colds and aches. The majority of these ingredients and substances may also be used … Continued

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