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6-day Quranic Arabic Intensive

By: | posted on: Jul 6, 2018

Date(s) - 07/06/2018 - 07/15/2018
7:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Muslim Community Center


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Team Quranic and MCC


Assalamu ‘alaikum,

We’re proud to present the 6-day Quranic Arabic Intensive at the Muslim Community Center (MCC)! This is a great opportunity to keep that Ramadan momentum going.

“I can read Arabic but can’t understand the Quran”

Sound familiar? This is what many Muslims today complain of. In our 6-day class we will cover the basic of Arabic vocabulary and grammar that make up 50% of Quranic Arabic. We’ve cut out the fat from regular Arabic classes to bring you the concepts that are the most important.

50% of the Quran? Really?

Did you know 10 words make up 25% of the Quran? And about 70 words make up 50% of the Quran! That is part of the Quran’s miracle. Allah says in the Quran that He has made it easy for us to learn His book. People are the ones who make it more complicated than it actually is. Learn from a tried and tested process.


Friday July 6-8 and 13-15

Fridays: 7-10pm

Sat/Sun: 2-5pm

The last class on July 15th will be an hour longer until 6pm.

Registration cost:

$99 which includes the materials. It also includes a one-month subscription to Team Quranic’s app which you can learn more about on our website:

Babysitting is not available

Are there scholarships available?

Alhamdulillah we have a pay-what-you-can model. That means that anyone can take the class for the minimum price of $1, no questions asked and completely confidential.

What are the pre-requisites for this class?

Being able to read Arabic is a pre-requisite for this class. You do not need to be fast or fluent. You do not need to know tajweed or be able to write in Arabic.

Is there an age requirement?

We’ve had students from ages 8-70+ in our classes and they’ve all enjoyed it and benefitted. We highly recommend children under 12 attend with their parents.

Who is the instructor?

Ustadh Abdelminem Mustafa

Abdelminem Mustafa graduated from Hunter College with a BA in linguistics. He has been studying Arabic for over 7 years, including completing the Bayyinah Dream program in 2016. Since graduating Dream he has taught and tutored Arabic. Abdelminem currently is an Arabic translator and also heads content curation at a new social platform called QuranReflect. He loves learning and teaching languages!

Will there be a test?

Yes there is a test at the end of the course.

What if I have to miss a day?

The course is easy to follow and all the work is completed in class so there is no homework to catch up on. Missing one day shouldn’t be a problem, however missing more than one day will make it difficult for you to continue unless you have studied Arabic before. If you’re unsure please email us at

Pro tip: If you do plan on missing a day, invite a family member or friend to attend with you who can help you catch up.

What is the curriculum?

The goal of the course is to learn the words and grammar that are the low hanging fruit and make up 50% of the Quran. This simplicity and ease is part of the Quran’s miracle. With this course you will be able to start your journey in learning the language of the Quran. We will learn Quranic words, phrases, and Arabic sentence structure in order to put all of it together.

Will there be a level 2?

Team Quranic’s mobile app and online courses will give you the ability to continue at your own pace after you complete this course. If there is enough interest in the community then we can also put a physical level 2 class together with the instructor.

Testimonials from previous students:

“This class was an excellent way to accelerate my journey towards learning Quranic Arabic. The course is definitely made for those who haven’t learned Arabic, but it is also a great way for previous Arabic students, such as myself, to return to the high-yield Arabic needed to understand what we are reciting in prayer. it is a great way to begin your journey towards understanding the Qur’an!”

“Maash’Allah the class was very interactive and lively, and dare I say, fun. I wish Sunday school was consistently the same.”

“I wish I had taken a class like this earlier.”

“When I first attend the class, I have low expectation about the outcome. However, after the first day I became impressed with the teaching method. His target is achievable and he had fun ways in the class to make sure students can also achieve it. From then on, I never miss the class and enjoy it and it’s very well worth money spent. I REALLY RECOMMEND IT”

“This class is a great for both arabic and non-arabic speaking people. It makes you understand the quran more and more and it also is a refresher.”

“It was my goal in 2017 to learn Arabic, the whole year went by and I was feeling sad that I did not do any online lectures, then I signed up for this class and Alhamdulillah , I achieved my goal for 2017, I can understand a good part of Quran, thanks a lot Ustad.”

“DO NOT miss out! Even learning the very basics of the language goes a long way. We love our lord, Allah SubhanallahuVeTeala, we love our faith and we want to be closer to our creator. Learning the language of the holy Quran or at least struggling/striving towards is so crucial….”

“This is a really useful class to start the journey of learning Arabic. The class was very interactive and I was able to learn the content without ever having to go through it at home. The instructors made learning Arabic very easy and fun.”

“It was amazing how they were able to present such a complex language in a simple and digestible format.”

To learn more and to buy tickets, click the following link:

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