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Advanced Arabic Morphology: Studying Ta'lil

Date(s) - 01/19/2021
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Tue, 19 January 2021 15:00 – 16:30 PST

About this Event


When? Every Tuesday | 11 PM – 12:30 AM (GMT) | 6PM – 7.30PM (EST)

Starting date: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Duration: 4 months (16 sessions – 90 minutes per session)

Instructor: Ustadhah Sadiyah Abowath

Course Details:

Allāh has created us for one purpose, to do His ʿIbādah. What is categorised as ʿIbādah and how do we perform it? The answer lies in the Qurʾān and Aḥadīth, which requires the knowledge and understanding of the different sciences of the Arabic language.

This course is the second part to our Ṣarf (Arabic Morphology) course. It is specifically for students who have previously studied the foundations of Arabic Morphology, including the mujarrad and thulāthī mazīd fīh abwāb and aimed towards those students who would like to review and get more practice with the chapters of taʿlīl.

This course will require completion of assignments outside of class and in-class participation.


By the end of this course, students would have:

  • studied the science related to verbs in the Arabic language
  • learn the 7 categories of verbs
  • studied the root letters of taʿlīl verbs
  • the ability to be able to find words in the dictionary
  • interactive classes to get opportunity to revise and practice


Before registering for the course, kindly ensure you have the ability to:

  • read Arabic words and alphabet
  • recognise or have knowledge of mujarrad and thulāthī mazīd fīhi abwāb
  • recognise and are able to memorise ṣarf kabīr and ṣarf saghīr gardaan
  • have access to a microphone to participate in the class via audio

Instructor Biography:

Sadiyah Abowath is born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She is a senior ʿĀlimiyyah student at Zaynab Institute as well as a student of University of British Columbia working towards getting a certification in Children’s Education. Along with her studies she is teaching Qurʾānic Arabic at Zaynab Institute. She has previously taught the Arabic Morphology course for sisters with SiblingsOfIlm.

In addition to that, she is involved in various other support work at her madrasah and local maktab as well as delivering monthly talks for teens online.

You will be required to complete an assessment after registering, only successful students will be enrolled onto the course.

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