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Africa Energy Series – Discover what Algeria has to offer

Date(s) - 07/01/2021
8:00 am - 10:00 am

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SABA and KURO are delighted to invite you to join our webinar on business opportunities in Algeria

About this event


SABA and KURO are delighted to invite you to join our webinar on business opportunities in Algeria as part of The Africa Energy Series bringing together government, industry and trade professionals to discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities within the country’s energy sector.

Algeria is, territorially, OPEC’s largest Member Country, with the oil and gas sector the backbone of the economy, accounting for about 20% of the gross domestic product, and 85% of total exports. The country is rich in natural resources and has the tenth-largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world, is the sixth-largest gas exporter and has the third largest reserves of shale gas.

Algeria is still largely underexplored and there are opportunities for foreign firms to invest in joint ventures to find new deposits. Most of these areas are in the north, the deep south and offshore. To attract additional foreign investment a new hydrocarbons law is aiming to make Algeria more competitive by easing taxes, simplifying license procedures and shortening the agreement timeframe.

With most of Algerian hydrocarbons derived from mature and depleting fields, and in line with its ambition to boost output, an important focus is being placed on the need to optimise production, notably through enhanced recovery technology. Algeria is extremely reliant on hydrocarbons, nearly exclusively natural gas. The government plans to introduce renewable energy into the local power market to save volumes of natural gas for export to finance the national economy.

In this webinar you will find out about the many opportunities that exist within the country and how Algeria is to looking to attract foreign companies and encourage new ventures, to increase oil and gas reserves, explore new territories and develop its Renewable Energy program particularly in relation to Solar and Wind.


Speakers and programme are currently being finalised and will appear in the coming weeks.

About Africa Energy Series

The Africa Energy Series from SABA and KURO is a range of webinars that explore the energy industries of key African markets providing a complete portrait of each country’s energy sector via the perspective of government, industry and trade professionals.

• A platform for companies entering or expanding their presence within the energy sector and Africa• Expanded outlook for the continent based on in-depth and country-specific analysis• Important insights to help companies support the continent’s growth ambitions in a sustainable and inclusive manner• Explores a wide range of opportunities and challenges in key African markets across an array of sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy and power• Presentations and discussions from industry leaders addressing a wide range of pertinent topics such as Policies, Innovation and Growth



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