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Ancient Egyptian Ceremonies: Meditation with Anubis

Date(s) - 06/13/2022
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Institute Of Awakened Mastery


$30-40 USD
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Modern Mystery School Center

Ancient Egyptians were masters of living a life full of passion, joy and abundance.

Originating directly from the The Great Central Sun and the Family of Ra, they integrated their spirituality into their daily life and created a highly prosperous society that thrived for millennia. We can once again re-awaken this mastery and wisdom in our own lives through connecting with the magick and inner alchemy of the ancient Egyptians.

These meditation evenings will give you an opportunity to authentically experience direct connection with the divine archetypes, gods, and goddesses of the ancient Egyptian Tradition. Through this you can awaken their wisdom in your life.

Connection with these beings and their archetypes of creation will help you:

• Bring more joy and passion into your life!

• Connect to the flow of abundance and magick

• Experience a sense of true beauty, sacredness, and appreciation for life

• Access a state of consciousness beyond ordinary awareness for greater peace and inspiration

Each meditation night will explore our connection with a different deity from the Egyptian Hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses, and the archetype or energy of creation that they can awaken within our lives. This month, we will be working with the God Anubis.

Join the Modern Mystery School community here in the PNW, as we re-awaken these archetypes in our lives and our world.

Registration and arrival time is 7pm, event begins at 7:30pm sharp. Do not be late!

After the ceremony, we will have time to socialize and enjoy the magick we just created with a music and dance.

Advance RSVP highly recommended. Everyone is Welcome.

We hope you can join us!

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