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Arabic Level 1 Online

By: | posted on: Jun 1, 2020

Date(s) - 06/01/2020
6:00 pm

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78,34 USD
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British Summer Time.

An introductory online Arabic course for beginners.

About this Event

Q-Iman is proud to launch the Introducing Arabic course (Arabic Level 1) for those looking to begin their Arabic language journey in the new year. Arabic grammar is the key to unlocking the meaning of the Qur’an, and this short course will help you with just that over the period of 10 weeks online.

Course prerequisites: All students must be able to identify letters of the Arabic alphabet and have a basic grasp of writing/joining these letters

​We will be covering: Arabic Level 1 content (Nahw & Sarf) which includes syntax, morphology, reading & writing, and vocab memorisation

Why sign up for this course? With one of the most competitive rates, this course will be the perfect start for those looking to begin learning the Arabic language in an easy and digestible manner. This course has been designed for those with busy full-time work/study schedules and will allow you to: begin grasping key concepts of Arabic grammar, write full sentences in Arabic, memorise plenty of new Quranic vocab and more!

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