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Beach Blanket Beledi 2022

Beach Blanket Beledi 2022

Date(s) - 10/08/2022
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Comfort Inn South Oceanfront


$80 USD
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Beach Blanket Beledi is an annual belly dance seminar and dance party held in Nags Head, NC, on Columbus Day weekend (October 7-8, 2022).

About this event

Beach Blanket Beledi is an annual belly dance seminar and dance party held in Nags Head, NC, on Columbus Day weekend. The twenty-sixth annual event is on October 7-8, 2022. The focus of Beach Blanket Beledi is that dance is serious fun. The emphasis is on creativity, exploration, and innovation.

The instructors for 2021 are Artemis and Chelydra.

Artemis will present two classes:

Stagecraft: Regardless of your style of dance, this workshop is perfect for every performer. The class will include: commanding your space, smooth transitions, keeping it interesting, accessing your vocabulary in the heat of the moment, deciding when to do what, understanding the music, floor patterns and where the 8s are.

American-Style Cabaret: This is the exciting and vivacious dance that made America fall in love with belly dancing, and it is making a big comeback! Vintage Oriental is a more accurate name for this vivacious and legitimate style of belly dance. Commonly referred to as American Cabaret or AmCab, there is very little about it that is American except for the pizzazz and some of the dramatic elements. It combines Pan-Arabic, Turkish and other MENAHT techniques. The exciting and dramatic music is mostly from Arabic, Greek and Turkish bands. It includes a 5 to 8 part show, many props, the most elaborate veil work of all the forms of belly dance, floor work, audience participation and more. This workshop will teach you about the history of Vintage Oriental dance and its multi-part show concept, the elements of a typical show, lots of steps that typify this style of dance and (time permitting) and some great video footage.

Chelydra will present:

  • Hot Disney Princess and Other Personas: Using simple step combinations, we will experiment with evoking different emotions and personas through variations in timing, posture, visual focus, movement emphasis and attitude.

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