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Beginner Arabic "Speech, Read, Write" (Games, Multimedia) | Ages 7-12

Beginner Arabic "Speech, Read, Write" (Games, Multimedia) | Ages 7-12

Date(s) - 02/15/2022 - 02/15/2023
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Salma Hkiri



Arabic “Speech, Read, Write” (Games, Multimedia) | Ages 7-12 | Beginner 1 of 9 by

About this event

Three Ivy League schools and the United Nations have used our educational materials.

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Speak, read and write in Modern Standard Arabic CONTINUOUSLY. This is a play-n-learn for total beginners — using games 😃

Let’s re-enact life with 🎲 games, 🎧audios, and 🖼️ visuals.

Method: Multisensory learning (off/on computer), repetition, and active recall

“Play Homework” —> Pictorial worksheets, games, one-line audios

✨ Simulations:

Practical real-life topics: “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, where is… let’s find!

✨ Grammar topics:

1. I, she, he, you (independent pronouns)

2. Phrase vs. sentence

3. Nouns vs. adjectives

4. Singular vs. plural

Class structure (can change sometimes):

🚩 Step 1. 30 minutes (Review the OLD)

How: White board, games, finger puppets

🚩 Step 2. 20 Minutes (Introduce the NEW)

a. ONE grammar theme per lesson

b. TPR —>> off screen visualizations

c. Circle words —>> on screen drawing

d. Trace and write Arabic letters

e. Read single letters and short words

🚩 Step 3. 10 Minutes (100% APPLY)

Students talk to one another in a 3D virtual classroom

Students use the words of the day.

Bring along a pencil and paper and let’s go! 💪

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Everyone is welcome.👋

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✨ Homework: 10 minutes/day or 30 minutes prior to class.

Play 🎧 one-line audios.

✨ Source: for Arabic educational 🎲 games & 🎧 one-line audios.

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