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Christmas Fundraising Dinner for Lebanon

Christmas Fundraising Dinner for Lebanon

Date(s) - 12/18/2021
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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$34 USD
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by Tanya Abou-Ghazaly

About this event

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Lebanon needs your solidarity!

Join us for an evening of authentic Lebanese dishes to a backdrop of soul-fueled Arabic tunes. Within a framework of mutual aid, we are organizing a fundraising dinner to support Lebanese families meet their basic needs. Remember that a single act of kindness can have ripple effects halfway across the globe.

❆ Why are we doing this?

  • 82% of Lebanese live in poverty, up from 22% in 2019
  • The Lebanese Pound lost 90% of its value in 2 years
  • Lebanon’s economic collapse is the worst worldwide since 1850
  • The 2020 Beirut explosion was one of the largest blasts in history

❆ Where will my money go?

All proceeds gathered from this fundraising dinner will be used to buy:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Baby formula
  • Other basic necessities

For the sake of transparency, we will keep supporters in the loop by providing updates and photos of the distribution of donated goods.

❆ I’m in! What should I do next?

Since quantities are limited, pre-orders are encouraged by buying a ticket here.

Every extra contribution goes a long way for the families. Please consider pledging a donation, however small or large, to our GoFundMe page.

❆ What’s on the menu?

I thought you’d never ask. Get ready for a treat!

1. Loubye Bzeit | لوبية بزيت: Flavor-packed braised green beans with a tomato sauce.

2. Tabbouleh | تبوله: A lemony bulgur salad with parsley, tomatoes and mint.

3. Pita | خبز : Round flatbread used to scoop dips and sauces.

4. Mutabbal | متبل: Smoked eggplant dip. Like Baba Ganoush – but better.

5. Maqluba | مقلوبة: An upside-down rice, chicken & eggplant dish served with yogurt on the side.

6. Sfouf | صفوف: Turmeric cake with semolina. A classic.

Dine in, pick-up and delivery available. Ask about our vegetarian option.

❆ How can I help?

If you are unable to donate, please share this event and our GoFundMe campaign with others to help spread the word.

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