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Dynamic Belly Dance Class - Beg Int with Rose! Walk-ins Welcome

By: | posted on: Feb 18, 2020

Date(s) - 02/18/2020
7:20 pm - 8:20 pm

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Arabesque Dance Studios


15-175 USD
Contact Person:


(773) 742-5250
Rose, Middle Eastern Belly Dancer and Arabesque Dance Studios - Award-Winning Belly Dance!


Learn to belly dance in a way that lifts your heart, opens your mind, and strengthens your body. Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned dancer (of any style),* Rose’s “Dynamic Belly Dance Class” will help you find the ease and joy of dancing with fluidity, precision, and grace – all while preventing injury by moving mindfully.

By tuning into the energy naturally flowing through our bodies, we will let go of the stress of *thinking* about how to dance, and instead enjoy *feeling* the movement and music.

***Drop-in any time, OR Pre-Register for the 7-week session** at the Ticket link above (or go here (, or call 773.742.5250, OR just show up in person!***

(Full PRICING options/details below.)

*This is a Beginner-Intermediate Level class (aka Arabesque Dance Studios – Award-Winning Belly Dance! “blue star”-level class).
More info here:

**Arabesque’s “Winter” 2020 Class Session runs from Sunday, Jan 5, through Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020.
More info here:

This ongoing, one-hour (60-minute) class is held on Tuesdays at 7:20 pm…forever and ever! Drop in any time!

More info here:

**Please wear form-fitting LEGGINGS of any length; NO loose pants or long skirts/dresses, as Rose needs to evaluate your knees & lower back position.
(See Class Attire here:

Class begins with a thorough review of proper alignment & energy awareness, and a fun, full-body warm-up that will introduce some belly dance (Arabic: “Raqs Sharqi” (رقص شرقي)) movements and styling. We will naturally flow with the music, briefly noting its origin and meaning, while breaking down the essentials of Middle Eastern belly dance. We will weave those moves together in short combinations, focusing on both technique and artistry, and end class with deep stretching and a cool-down to gently increase flexibility and prevent soreness.

COST (either Drop In, OR Sign Up for all 7 weeks):

1. Option 1: DROP IN ANY TIME (no signup needed)
Arabesque’s Drop-In Class Pricing Options:
a) $21 (single class)
b) 5-class punch card: $95 (only $19 per class!)
c) 10-class punch card: $175 (only $17.50 per class!)

Punch cards NEVER EXPIRE and can be used on any drop-in-friendly classes at Arabesque Chicago.

2. Option 2: SIGN UP FOR THE WHOLE 7-WEEK SESSION (by Saturday, Jan 11)***
$110 for the 7-week session, or about $15 per class.

Wanna sign up for the whole session, but can’t afford the full tuition right now? No sweat!
Arabesque offers great LAYAWAY options: just pay $58 during week 1 (Jan 5-11), and $58 more by the end of Week 4 (Saturday, Feb 1)!

~~Makeup options available for missed classes as well!~~

***Arabesque’s Complete Class Schedule here:

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR, Rose, Middle Eastern Belly Dancer:
Inspired by her Armenian-Lebanese roots and passion for dance since childhood, Rose embodies the true heart of Raqs Sharqi (رقص شرقي‎‎ – Arabic for “Eastern Dance”), aka “belly dance,” engaging in the traditional art of improvisation – becoming one with the music in the present moment.
An international, lifetime performer of 500+ shows and counting, Rose has over 20 years of dance training and 15+ years’ experience as a teacher & choreographer of multiple styles. Rose’s technical skills are underpinned by decades of training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance, as well as various somatic practices to awaken internal awareness, including movement improvisation, Pilates, and yoga.
In addition to these and other forms, Rose has studied Middle Eastern dance – primarily Egyptian & Lebanese Raqs Sharqi, Lebanese & Palestinian dabke (دبكة‎‎ – folk dance of the Levant), and Iraqi Kawliya dance, among others – with masters across the globe. These include Sonya, Angelina (the protégé and daughter of Dahlena), and Surayah Al Muddaris in Chicago; Caracalla Dance Theatre, Pierre Haddad & Helena Cremona (students of the legend Nadia Gamal), and Michel Traboulsy (Danza Group (dabke troupe)) in Lebanon; Shahrzad of Cairo, Khyriya Mazen (Ghawazee Egyptian Folklore), Mostafa Booriy (Saidi Raqs Assaya (Upper Egyptian cane dance)), and Ahmed Awedony (محبى الفنان احمد المهدى – عودونى (Nubian dance)) in Egypt; and renowned Iraqi dancer Assala Ibrahim, among others, in Europe.

Rose strives to create culturally sensitive and authentic Middle Eastern dance pieces, bearing in mind – and sharing with her students – the region of origin and meaning of the songs she uses, aided by her family, translators, and her own research.
Rose completed her level-four certification in “Journey through Egypt” – JtE – a dance ethnology program led by the internationally-recognized anthropologist, Sahra Saeeda, M.A. – in 2018, traveling to Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, Egypt to study the arts, customs, and history of these culturally rich areas in the flesh.
Independently, Rose similarly studies her father’s native Lebanon, periodically visiting to deepen her understanding of its diverse regional traditions, as well as Raqs Sharqi and dabke.
Rose’s love of Middle Eastern culture goes beyond her dedication to preserving the dance and music alone; Rose also studies the Arabic language, which she speaks, reads, and writes at a beginner level.

Rose absolutely loves sharing her knowledge of Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture with her students, and is so honored to be a part of the staff at her beloved home studio, Arabesque Dance Studios – Award-Winning Belly Dance! in Chicago.
Rose performs, often to live music, at restaurants and hookah clubs across Chicagoland every week, as well as at private events – including weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events – throughout the country on a regular basis. Rose has also performed with renowned musicians in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, Egypt. Her repertoire includes Raqs Al Shamadan (candelabra headpiece), Saidi Raqs Assaya (cane), finger cymbals, wings, veil, and veil-poi/voi, as well as the zaffe (wedding procession); dabke; and Khaleeji, and Iraqi (Kawliya) dances.

Subscribe to Rose’s YouTube channel here ( & Performance Calendar here (

Follow Rose, Middle Eastern Belly Dancer on Facebook & Instagram ( to find out about her weekly shows!

For private lessons, or to book Rose to perform at your party/event, please call 312.248.4828.

Interested in private lessons with Rose? Visit her new website — — for a limited-time offer!

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