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Egypt, the First Open -Air Museum in the World

Egypt, the First Open -Air Museum in the World

Date(s) - 04/30/2021
5:00 pm

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The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau


Invites you to the live lecture

Egypt, The First Open-air Museum in the World

Presented by
Prof. Khaled Shahin
On April 30, 2021
At 5:00 PM via Zoom

Egypt and its civilization represent one of the most important and greatest
civilizations in the world that left a great heritage that was not matched by another
civilization, so Egypt is almost the only country that has knowledge of its name

the ancient Egyptian heritage was not that preserved by museums began with modern
times, but this is not a true, as the ancestors left a legacy that indicates their
preservation and care of the heritage of those who preceded them, and even worked to
display these monuments to serve as an open air museum for Egyptian civilization
Among those who cared about the matter was Khaaoemwaset, son of Ramses II,
whose name we find as restorer of monuments of king Khefren and Unas.
It seems that the boy followed his father’s efforts to preserve the treasures of his
ancestors he says (I renewed the traces of my father Amun Ra, lord of thrones of the
two lands)
In the Ptolemaic Period, the rulers established the Library of Alexandria, the first
governmental library in the world, and an Academy of Scientific Research, whose
name was Museon, from which the word museum and its synonyms are used in all
City of Alexandria represents an excellent example of the Open-air museum

This city founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C, to be the great harbor on the
One can see the Necropolis of Chatby, Mustapha Pasha, Kom el-Chouqafa.

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