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Egypt Virtual Tour of Abu Simbel

Egypt Virtual Tour of Abu Simbel

Date(s) - 01/23/2021 - 12/25/2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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by World Virtual Tours

Join us on this virtual tour to the south of Egypt, where we virtually visit the Temples of Abu Simbel!

About this Event

Has seeing the magnificent Temples of Abu Simbel always been a dream for you, but can’t make the trip right now? Skip the long and exhausting travel and let us take you with us on this virtual tour of Abu Simbel.

We will take you back in time to discover the history of the Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Queen Nefertari. The former was carved out of the mountains and was rediscovered in 1813. With a height of more than 20 meters, the four famous statues of Ramses II overlook the Nile at the entrance of the temple. Inside, in the sacred sanctuary, another four statues of gods sitting on their thrones are carved out the back wall. Twice a year these statues are illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun. The latter (also known as the Temple of Hathor) is also carved out of the mountain and is a smaller version of the Ramses II Temple.

During this virtual trip you explore these temples by using virtual maps to navigate you through the sights and by looking at photos from inside the temples you learn about its significance in ancient times.

We use our knowledge of Egyptology and our experience as qualified tour guides to give you the best possible alternative to visiting the Abu Simbel Temples in real life. And of course you will have the opportunity to ask any of your questions.

Let us bring the ancient history back to life for you in a fun and interactive way on this virtual tour of Abu Simbel!

Note: Our live guide will be using photos, art (and perhaps other media) during the tour. He will cover the history and modern significance of the locations we visit.

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