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Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Date(s) - 04/13/2021
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

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One-Time Class

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$10 total per learner

Class Experience

In this one-time, 50 minute class, we'll learn about the iconic stories and deities of Egyptian Mythology and explore their connection to Ancient Egyptian culture. 

For example, Anubis, god of the dead, shows us the Egyptian relationship to mummies and pyramids, cats were revered in Ancient Egypt due to the cat godess Bastet, and some temples even held live crocodiles to honor Sobek, the god of the Nile River!

Throughout, we'll sprinkle in comparisons with modern versions of the mythology, including Indiana Jones and Rick Riodan's (author of the Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase series) Kane Chronicles and discuss why these stories from thousands of years ago still important today! 

Students are encouraged to engage and ask questions, but are welcome to passively absorb if they prefer. 

Optional Homework: Write a ~1 paragraph reflection for knowledge retention.

Finally, I recommend checking out my Teacher Profile, especially my Teaching Philosophy section, to make sure this is a fit for your student. 

I also offer this as a Flex Class, if your student prefers that method of instruction:

See you in class!

* If the listed times don't work for you, please save (heart button) the class and you'll be notified when I list new times. I do not respond to schedule requests through the "request another time" feature, which is imprecise since it only accepts times in 4-hour blocks. 

Class Listing photo by Oberholster Venita on Pixabay 

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