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Egyptian Rites & Ka Activation-Advanced Shamanic Journey Course

By: | posted on: Feb 15, 2020

Date(s) - 02/15/2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Heart and Soul Connections SLC


77 USD
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Heart and Soul Connections SLC


Does the magic of ancient Egypt resonate with you? Perhaps you remember living a past life in Ancient Egypt? Are you ready to upgrade your energetic vibration and tap into ancient magic and alchemy?

Ancient Egypt is esteemed for its powerful magic and mysticism. Even today, we revel in its ability to create long-lasting architecture that is rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom and sacred geometry. Spirituality was at the core of Egyptian culture, and the Gods and Goddesses they worshipped still hold immense power today. By establishing a conscious relationship with these Goddesses and Gods, we can tap into that ancient magic and utilize it for the highest good to raise our vibrations.

According to Egyptian spirituality, Ka is your life-force energy. Activating your Ka will upgrade your energetic vibration, unlocking the door to increased healing ability, heightened intuition, and the ability to access ancient energies and wisdom. Activating your Ka energy will assist in amplifying any other modalities you are currently using for healing, divining information, and manifesting.

In this 3-week course, we will:
– Create a conscious relationship Isis and Anubis
– Conduct a ceremony to purify our hearts so we can hold higher vibrations of love and light
– Tap into the power of Egyptian magic and spirituality and deepen our connection with its energies
– Activate our Ka, thus upgrading our personal energetic vibration and ability to heal ourself and others

This is an advanced-level journeying course and is designed for individuals who have previous experience with shamanic journeying, feel a connection with Ancient Egypt, and are ready to upgrade their vibration and healing abilities. We will be doing extensive journeywork in this class, so participants must have access to their sacred garden and should have experience journeying to the Upper Worlds.

This course will be held on Saturday nights beginning in February, 2020. To register for this course, you should plan to attend all 3 classes:

Saturday, February 8th 7:00-10:00 PM
Saturday, February 15th 7:00-10:00 PM
Saturday, February 22nd 7:00-10:00 PM

The personal investment is $77 for this course. Spots are very limited and prepayment secures your place in the class. Payments can be made online via Venmo @Myz-Grey or Paypal to Please message Em Grey on Facebook or email me at if you have any questions or would like to register for this course. Tickets are also available from the Eventbrite link on this pace (service fee applies.)

If you do not have previous experience with Shamanic journey meditation, you will need to take the Intro to Shamanic Journeying course first and then the Upper Worlds course. Completion of those 2 courses will give you the practice and experience needed to have success in the Egyptian Rites course.

Here is a link to the next available Intro course beginning January 26th, 2020:

If you have already completed an intro/lower worlds course, the next step is to complete an Upper Worlds course. The next Upper worlds course being offered begins Wednesday, January 29th 2020. Here’s a link to that event:

Are you ready to tap into all this amazing ancient wisdom and magic?!?

About M:
M Grey is a Karuna Reiki Master, psychic reader, musician, and all-around magical person. M has been practicing shamanic journeying for over 6 years and is in their second year of shamanic journey instruction. M is a powerful space holder and is able to provide a safe environment where you can explore the cosmos as well as within. M’s ability to call in helping guides with drumming creates a truly magical experience for all those who are open to receiving divine guidance!

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