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Eid Pizza + Board Game Party x Pop Up Shop at All Good Pizza!

By: | posted on: Jun 16, 2019

Date(s) - 06/16/2019
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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All Good Pizza


$10 USD
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About this Event

Ramadan mubarak, happy last ten, and almost eid mubarak! Thanks for coming out to the last two iftars at Spark. A lot of people have asked me/hinted at me to do a third and that just didn’t feel right in the last 10 so LET’S MEET TO CELEBRATE EID INSTEAD JUNE 16 4-7

ABOUT ALL GOOD PIZZA: It’s not at Spark this time but at the cutest pizza place in SF, All Good Pizza (Yelp/website so you can see pics). When I messaged the owner, she responded “I would absolutely love to support the Muslim community in any way I can.” So I’m happy we can support this woman-owned Muslim-friendly business! The space is private and reserved only for us! This is considered a private ticketed event since I spent money to reserve the space.

It’s right across from Flora Grubb Gardens, which happens to be the cutest plant nursery in sf (check out their IG), which happens to have a ritual coffee bar instead and the cutest seating area. So basically go check that out beforehand.

So here’s the basic summary:

-All Good Pizza will be trying to get us halal beef pepperoni for this day! Trying is key word for now but will report back! But they have plenty of delicious non-pepperoni options.

Asfurah will be there with a pop-up shop. Her designs are legit!

-BOARD GAMES! AND CORN HOLE. We thought a board game eid party would be fun so we’re going to get a bunch and certainly if you want to bring more we’d welcome that.

-Afshan Qureshi does event planning on the side as some of you know so she will be handling decor and event coordination so you know it’ll look amazing. She’ll be putting up a photo wall and we’ll have a polaroid camera for you guys to enjoy too.

Checking tickets: There’s a lot of confusion on tickets. Print, not to print, QR code versus email etc. So this time I’ll just have someone stand at the front gate checking off based on your name. You will be turned away without a ticket due to capacity, and it not being ramadan I don’t really mind. Looking for one more volunteer to check tickets for 30 min in exchange for free entry! 🙂

Cost: It’s $10 ticket this time and no charity partner because this basically just covers costs. I’m paying Afshan for her work and we needed a budget for the games, reservation, and decor. And to be honest, decided I need to pay myself or I’ll get burned out and I want to keep doing this for people. Our pay is a very small amount of each ticket. Cost doesn’t include food.

Food: Outside food is not allowed. Kristin will be trying to get us halal beef pepperoni or at least beef pepperoni (I am encouraging her to add it to the menu), but until I get confirmation, they have a bunch of food that does not have pork and is delicious.

Parking: Parking in the area is not bad.

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