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Futures, Archived – A Community Conversation with Alia Taqieddin

By: | posted on: Feb 15, 2020

Date(s) - 02/15/2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Arab American National Museum


Free USD
Contact Person:


(313) 582-2266
Arab American National Museum


Join AANM artist-in-residence Alia Taqieddin for an open conversation with the goal of collecting memories in an effort to create and solidify a narrative for Dearborn. These memories will combine to form a history that cannot be changed or taken from the community.
Three central questions will be explored:
• What memories do we choose to share?
• What can our memories offer to others?
• How can the next generation benefit from this collective memory?
Participants will have the option to take part in a curated audio showcase on Feb. 22 at a community reception in conjunction with And Then We Met… a theatre performance by Cleveland Public Theatre’s Masrah Cleveland Al-Arabi, and potentially become part of AANM’s Oral History collection.
Participation is free and open to everyone age 16 and older who work in, live in or are otherwise impacted by Dearborn. Black, Indigenous, trans, queer and other historically marginalized community members in the metro Detroit area are welcomed to this event.
Alia Taqieddin is a Seattle-based facilitator and DJ of mixed Shami and western European descent. Her practice explores alternative archival methods as tools for narrating individual and collective ownership of change. She draws from transnational women of color thought, and the stories and imaginations of her family in Syrian diaspora. Her work has appeared as workshop curricula, poetry and audio. Alia graduated in 2018 from Western Washington University with degrees in Critical Arab Diaspora Studies and Community Health. She currently works for the Rachel Corrie Foundation, a non-profit remembering the Washington-based human rights activist through Palestine-centered political and cultural resistance.
Throughout her residency at AANM, Alia will curate a collective memory of Dearborn that is constructed by those who are most intimately tethered to its past, present and future. A dialectic approach will be used as the theoretical framework. Autonomy and choice of Dearborn residents will be driving elements throughout the process. Through a series of facilitated and recorded conversations, this project will explore the complexity of immortalizing a collective imagination. When we choose how memories of Dearborn past are shared and explore an imagination of future Dearborn, what theses, antitheses and syntheses arise?  This project intends to curate a collective memory, which, through the process of recording and archiving, cannot be rewritten, erased or manipulated. The project will culminate in a DJ set showcase.
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