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Gaza activist/speaker Yousef Aljamal touring USA this October! And more!

By: | posted on: Oct 13, 2019

Date(s) - 10/13/2019 - 10/29/2019
12:00 am

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We’re touring Palestinian activist Yousef Aljamal (an expert on children’s rights, Gaza, & more) in the Continental U.S. in October. Tell us asap if you want to host him!
Dear friends of Just World Educational–

I hope this finds you well. Here in Washington DC it is sweltering!

We are thrilled that this Fall, we’ll be touring Gaza-Palestinian activist Yousef Aljamal(on right, above) around the Continental United States, October 13 – 29. Yousef and two other “young writers from Gaza” wowed audiences around the country when Just World Books and the American Friends Service Committee toured them here  back in 2014.

Now, we’re delighted to bring Yousef back to the USA. Over the past five years he’s added lots of great accomplishments to his resume! He got his MA from a university in Malaysia. He returned to Gaza to build up a politics-and-development library in Gaza City. He translated into English a powerful book of testimonies of Palestinian child prisoners (available as an e-book here.) And he’s currently doing a Ph.D– in Turkish!– at Sekarya University, in Turkey…

If you’d like to bring Yousef to your community group, classroom, or congregation to speak about the timely issue of the Israeli military’s broad incarceration of Palestinian children, or any other aspect of the Palestine Question, please let us know asap!

Our plan is– roughly– to start him on the east coast on October 13, and then work him toward the west coast before he leaves October 29. More details about Yousef’s amazing abilities and about what is involved in hosting him can be found here.

Yousef’s October tour is just one of our projects for this Fall. Other will include more work to keep providing timely, useful new content on our website (especially, the blog) and on our social-media platforms.

As I’m sure you understand, all our programs take resources to accomplish well… and our long experience of organizing speaking tours has shown us justhow expensive and time-consuming this work is. If you are moved to make a donation to help support Yousef’s tour, that would be super-much appreciated!

Give to Just World Ed now!
I wanted to update you on some of the distinctive, timely content we’ve been publishing on our blog in the past few weeks. There have been a number of poignant posts by Yousef Aljamal about aspects of life in Gaza— and others tracking the inspiring, totally nonviolent movement for democracy that’s been unfolding all across the large North African country of Algeria since late February.

I truly think our collection of materials about the ongoing “Hirak” in Algeria is unique in the English-language news/analysis environment…and we intend to carry on keeping it up-to-date! (Stay tuned for another blog post on Algeria, in the next couple of days.)

In this blog-post, published last Saturday, we noted that Algeria is lucky that its government and military are not (as their counterparts in Sudan are) reliant on massive aid from the anti-democratic states of the Gulf… and that therefore, thus far, the Algerian military has not come under the external pressure the Sudanese military has, to crack down on the demonstrators…

Meantime, here’s a shoutout to those of our board members who’ve been doing their own great publishing and activism in recent weeks.

Richard Falk‘s blog is always a great resource. Just in the past five weeks there, you can find:

  • The text of the recent petition he contributed to, decrying the possibility of any U.S. war against Iran.
  • His thoughtful review of Ayça Çubukçu’s For the Love of Humanity, a book in which Çubukçu reflected on her involvement in the citizen-based project, the War Tribunal for Iraq.
  • His declaration regarding his preference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. (Read it to find out who his choice is!)
  • A deep reflection on issues of law and world order, in the form of a review article centering on recent books by Ayça Çubukçu and Noura Erakat.
  • This reflection on R2P and the Palestine Question.

Alice Rothchild has been writing a lot at Mondoweiss. Just this month she has published:

  • The pressing question at a Palestinian health gathering: How to illegally collect sperm from prisoners
  • Beautiful resistance, and teenage angst, inside Aida refugee camp (see Alice’sphoto of the camp entrance, above.)
  • Getting in, and getting out, of Palestine.

Our board member Anne Joyce, who’s the editor of Middle East Policy, composed this trenchant editorial for their just-released Summer issue.

And I have continued publishing personal pieces elsewhere– in parallel with the editing and publishing work I’ve been doing for the JWE blog.

In addition to the pieces I’ve been contributing to Lobelog (portal, here,) last week I published this articleon Medium. It drew a comparison between the ill-considered attack launched on Egypt in 1956 by British PM Anthony Eden (shown here) and his French and Israeli co-conspirators and the possibility of a Donald Trump-led attack on Iran, and started to explore some of the world-political consequences that could befall any such attack…

But Just World Ed has several great plans and projects for the months ahead!

Do check back frequently with our blog or our Twitter or Facebook feeds, to keep in touch with news of Yousef Aljamal’s tour and everything else we’re doing…

And remember, if you’re interested in hosting Yousef in your community or classroom, please contact us super-soon.

Thanks for everything you do to help build a better future for humanity!

And warmest wishes–


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