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Intervale Cooking Series: Street Food of the Middle East

Intervale Cooking Series: Street Food of the Middle East

Date(s) - 08/09/2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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Intervale Center


$10 – $25 USD
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Join us for a night of international grilling as we prepare various street foods popular across the Middle East.

About this event

In the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, street food is particularly popular during summer when the streets of nearly every city and town are filled with the aroma of grilling and frying and the sounds of families and friends enjoying freshly prepared hand-held foods together in the outdoor markets. In this class, we will learn about street foods popular across the Middle East and the important socio-economic role these foods have historically played for vendors, consumers, and local food producers. Together, we will learn to make marinated beef kebabs and discuss their Turkish origins and popular marinades, acidifiers and spice variations from Lebanon to Oman. We will learn to make the Egyptian staple Ful Medames, fava beans slow-cooked traditionally in copper pots with herbs and spices, and the Levantine flatbread Manakeesh with Akkawi, perfect for eating with dips and meat. Participants will have a chance to roll their own stuffed grape leaves, using a vegetarian summer filling of rice, fresh herbs, pine nuts and black currants. Join us as we celebrate the flavors of summer with Middle Eastern street food in this outdoor class at the Intervale.

Instructor Anna Mays is an anthropologist who enjoys teaching about world culinary traditions, agricultural practices, and the intersection between food, diet, culture and well-being. Anna has worked in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, and spent time in Turkey.

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