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Latin America in solidarity with Palestine

Date(s) - 11/27/2020 - 12/02/2020
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Forum Latino Palestino

Latin America to have week of activities in solidarity with Palestine

About this Event

Beginning on November 27, the program will extend over a week of activities organized by: the Latin-Palestinian Forum, a non-governmental organization based in São Paulo, Brazil, which works to build support networks for the Palestinian cause in the countries Latin Americans; the Friends of Palestine Foundation, an Argentine institution founded by several Palestinian activists living in Latin America and dealing with the issues of the Palestinian cause in all its humanitarian, cultural and national aspects; and the Middle East Monitor.

In addition to spreading knowledge, presenting critical analyzes of the situation involving Palestine and the existing forms of solidarity, the proposal of the week is to mobilize the greatest possible support for the Palestinian cause and combat the false Israeli narrative around the occupation, expressing the clear support for the struggle and resistance from the Palestinian people.

Among the main activities are the Meeting, on the 27th November, with several Brazilian activists in support of the Palestinian cause; a campaign action on twitter scheduled for Saturday (28th November) on social networks, in Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.


Rita Freire:

Brazilian journalist, specialized in International Politics by the São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics Foundation, manager and representative of the Ciranda.Net network of shared communication in the International Council of the World Social Forum and the World Forum of Free Media.

Mohamed El Kadri:

Brazilian former deputy of Sao Paulo.

Ahmed Madi:

Specialist in Latin American affairs, and he is the director of the Latin-Palestinian Forum.

Soraya Misleh:

Brazilian-Palestinian journalist, specialized in Globalization and Culture, PhD student in Arab Studies at the University of São Paulo.

Bilal Ramez Bakri:

Pathologist at the educational institution Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu – Unesp

Abdulbaset Jarour:

Syrian refugee in Brazil, is an activist in defense of the refugee.

The First Conference With Parliamentarians from Latin American Countries, on Sunday (29th November), with parliamentarians who support the Palestinian cause from several Latin American countries.


Julia Argentina Perié:

Argentine politician, former parliamentarian and current member of the Euralat Parliament.

Eugenia Hernández:

Mexican Politician, Federal Deputy District XI, Ecatepec State of Mexico Parliamentary Group of Morena LXIV Legislature.


Bolivian Politician, Parliamentarian of Mercosur.

Sergio Gahona:

Chilean politician. Deputy for the 5th District, Coquimbo Region, legislative.

Bairon Valle:

Ecuadorian politician, coordinator of the Parliamentary Front for Solidarity with Palestine in Ecuador.

Ricardo Canese:

Engineer Uruguay, Parliamentarian of Mercosur and Srio. of International Relations of the Guasu Front.

Salvador Heresi:

Peruano Politician, 2nd Vice President of the Congress of the Republic 2019 Congressman of the Republic 2016-2020. Former Minister of Justice.

Jorge Schafik Handal:

El Salvadoran Politician, deputy of the National Congress of El Salvador.

Sergio Arturo:

Honduran politician. He served as deputy of the National Congress of Honduras representing the Democratic Unification Party for Santa Bárbara.

Enrique Alvarez:

Guatemalan politician, former Deputy.

Julio Chávez:

Venezuelan politician, President of the ANC Communes Commission and Vice President of the PSUV for the Monagas and Delta Amacuro States.

On Monday (30 November), there will be a live with


Bruno Beaklini

Columnist for the Middle East Monitor in Brazil.

Ualid Rabah

President of the Federation of Palestinian Institutions in Brazil,

Tuesday (1st December), an online meeting is scheduled with several activists from various Latin American countries in support of the Palestinian cause.


Fábio Bosco:

Brazilian activist of the Front in Defense of the Palestinian People.

Maria Luz:

Argentine activist

Ricardo Mohrez:

Colombian activist

Samir Khadr:

Guatemalan activist

Ahmed Khafaja :

Chilean activist

Ayman Altaramsi:

Bolivian activist

The week will end on Wednesday (2nd December), with the transmission of the documentary entitled Gaza Vive.Participants in activities in Latin America will speak in their original language, in Portuguese or Spanish. The original Arabic film will have Portuguese subtitles.

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