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Lebanese Immersion Workshop #2 with Jeanette

By: | posted on: Nov 30, 2019

Date(s) - 11/30/2019
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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The League of Kitchens


175 USD
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The League of Kitchens


Class Level: All levels

Age Requirements: 18 and older
Average Class Size: 5
Teacher: Jeanette

What you’ll learn in this middle eastern cooking class:

In Workshop #2 (Vegetarian), you will start off by making a smoky, garlicky baba ganoush, an eggplant spread, which you’ll take to a sour and sweet place with a topping of chopped tomato and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses.

You will then learn to make mujaddara, a famous Lebanese lentil and rice porridge, which is topped with crispy fried onions, and served with salatet malfoof, a fresh bright cabbage salad dressed with sumac, lemon juice, olive oil, and dried mint. Lubiyeh, silky stewed green beans and tomatoes cooked with whole garlic cloves and served with rice with pan-fried vermicelli will become your new favorite weeknight meal.

And for a sweet, you’ll learn to make maamoul, a beautiful and festive semolina shortbread cookie, perfumed with rose water, orange blossom water, and mahlab, and filled with walnuts and pistachios.

Menu for Immersion Workshop #2 (Vegetarian)

Baba Ghanoush (Roasted Eggplant Spread)

  • Roasted eggplant puree mixed with tahini, garlic, and lemon juice, garnished with fresh chopped tomatoes and drizzled with pomegranate molasses.

Mujaddara (Lentil and Rice Porridge)

  • Lentil and rice porridge, topped with sweet fried onions and drizzled with flavorful oil.

Salatet Malfoof (Cabbage Salad)

  • Finely shaved cabbage and fresh tomatoes tossed in a dressing of olive oil, sumac, and dried mint.

Maamoul (Semolina Shortbread Cookies Stuffed with Nuts)

  • Semolina shorbread cookies flavored with mahlab, rose water, and orange blossom water, stuffed with walnuts and pistachios.

Food Allergies: This menu includes dairy, tree nuts, and wheat.

Cooking with Jeanette:
Jeannette is a shining example of the hospitality that Lebanese culture is known for. When you spend the afternoon in her home, you will feel like both a student and an honored guest.

Jeannette puts incredible care and detail into her cooking, as you will see when you work with her. Upon arrival, you will sit down to a cup of cinnamon tea and a beautiful array of Lebanese sweets and snacks, such as Middle Eastern flatbread with za’atar, labneh with cucumber, and pistachio cookies.

In her workshops, you will discover new dishes that aren’t served at restaurants, and experience familiar classics as you’ve never tasted them before. At the end of the day you’ll go home newly inspired with all the recipes, and a shopping guide to Jeannette’s favorite food markets.

All immersion workshops include a light lunch and beverage, 3.5 hours of hands-on cooking instruction, a full dinner, and a booklet of recipes and in-depth culinary info.

Still have questions? Ask the community.

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