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Let’s Learn about Ramadan

By: | posted on: Apr 25, 2020

Date(s) - 04/25/2020
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Pretend City Children’s Museum


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Pretend City Children’s Museum

We’re celebrating Ramadan at Pretend City! In the Islamic Faith, Ramadan is a month of blessings; a month full of opportunities, benefits and blessings for Muslims around the world. Exposing children at a young age to different faiths and cultures is an important lesson in diversity and tolerance. A big part of this religious holiday is participating in daily fasting. Although young children aren’t old enough to fast, they may still learn about Ramadan and fasting.

Purpose Behind the Play: Math and science concepts, social-emotional development, and collaboration.  

  • Smart Art (Art Studio-Times Vary): Mosque Collage > Islamic Mosques are beautifully architected places of worship and today we will work together to decorate our own Mosque community project.  
  • Simple Science (11:30 am): Phases of the Moon – Since the Islamic Calendar is based on the lunar cycle this is a great time to educate children on the different phases of the moon. Today in the Real Cafe we will provide children with an edible and fun way to learn about moon phases. We will be using Oreo cookies. 
  • Sensational Storytime (times will vary): Ramadan – Celebrate the World – Gather around as we read a short story about this holy Islamic celebration. In the ninth month of the year, when the first crescent moon rises in the sky, it’s time to reflect, be thankful, and to help others as we celebrate Ramadan! Following the story, we will create our own crescent moons to take home.  

Grown-up Tip

In Islam, children are taught in their early childhood that charity giving is highly encouraged as long as they are financially able to do so. This month in celebration of Ramadan think of ways that you can model charity to your children. If you are financially able, you can donate to our educational programs HERE. Your donations will go to programs such as our FREE monthly Autism Nights, FREE Health Screenings, and Field Trip scholarships. If you are not financially able to donate and would still like to give back to your community, Pretend City has many volunteer opportunities that you can participate in. Click HERE for more information on our Volunteer Program.

RSVP: Not required

Fee: Activities included with museum admission 

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