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Mystery Teachings of the Egyptian Goddess

By: | posted on: Aug 30, 2020

Date(s) - 08/30/2020 - 09/20/2020
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Katy Noura Butler

Mystery Teachings of the Egyptian Goddess
Unveiling the Five Aspects of the Sacred Feminine ☥ Live from the Pyramids of Egypt ☥

About this Event

Unveiling the Five Aspects of the Sacred Feminine

A six weeks zoom Immersion into the Temple Mysteries with Katy Noura Butler

☥ Live from the Pyramids of Egypt ☥

This course of six magical seminars, delivered to you from the Giza Pyramids and starting with the new moon, on Sunday 16th August until the Autumn Equinox, is designed to bring you to a sense of your integrated divine humanity.

In these six weeks, you will discover that you are the five aspects of the Egyptian sacred Feminine. Whether you be man or woman, the Goddess exists within you to bless and empower your being and enhance all your relationships.

You will learn how to be safe and strong in your ability to love and be loved, and to enjoy both freedom and commitment in celebration of your divine magical self.

You will undergo the five-fold journey of the Sacred Feminine, awakening and integrating your five subtle bodies, to realize your human divinity and the miraculous existence of You.


With temple teachings, Egyptian mantras, guided meditations, spiritual exercises, magical journaling and affirmations, you will discover and own the Goddess within you.

☥ SEKHMET: Passionate Lioness

☥ NUT: Cosmic Mother

☥ NEPHTHYS: Shadow Queen

☥ ISIS: Bright Queen of Healing and Magic

☥ HATHOR: Lady of Love and Beauty

All these are You. The myths are timeless explanations of your subtle levels of consciousness.

The ancient secrets of Magic, Love and Healing are yours for the asking.

Now more than ever before, the divine feminine needs to awaken in all of us, everywhere.

We are divine beings. We descend from the stars to evolve in our human form towards our eternal evolving divinity.

We can create miracles, once we realize it.

The integrated sacred Feminine principle is available and accessible today.

……..Sign up today to receive……

☥ 6 weekly Zoom live seminars, beginning August 16th to the 20th September 2020.

☥ Recordings of the seminars.

☥ Opening ritual with the new Moon.

☥ Closing ritual with the equinox.

☥ Embodiment exercises and integration for each Sacred Feminine Principle following the seminar.


Regular Price: £220 until Aug 15th

Private 20 minutes Q& A with Katy during the journey available for £30

To sign up please connect at

About Katy:

Katy Noura Butler started life as a magical practitioner at the age of sixteen. Born in 1947, to a Romany mother into a family of musicians and dancers, she began her career as both clairvoyant and performing artist as soon as possible. Studying the arts of Astrology and Tarot, she pursued a career in the theatre, making good use of ‘resting’ periods to advance a growing clientele , at the same time receiving invaluable training in the energetic levels of healing and magic from her artistic experiences on the stage.

In 1985, after a six-month tour of the Eastern Mediterranean, culminating in a memorable visit to the Pyramids of Egypt, she was guided by Spirit to leave the professional theatre in order to devote her energies completely to her work as psycho-spiritual counsellor and teacher of the Mysteries. She worked extensively with the Theosophical Society, lecturing regularly on the Tarot as a system for inner development and Self-initiation. During this time, she founded the Professional Tarot Society, an educational charity devoted to raising consciousness on the system of Tarot, examining practitioners to a standard of excellence, and developing a code of ethics and practice to protect clients. She also facilitated many groups and workshops for Neals Yard Remedies, Goldsmiths University, and, for ten years ran her own Mystery School from her home in Notting Hill.

She also wrote articles on the mysteries for various magazines, and presented talks on the tarot and clairvoyance on BBC radio and television. In 1995, during a work visit to Taiwan, she contacted ‘The Hive’ the Inner Plane Masters who guide her work on past lives, and the Egyptian Mysteries

In the Spring of 1996 Katy was compelled to return to the Pyramids. There she set up the Sacred Egypt mystery school devoted to awakening and integrating the ancient wisdom and magic of the Egyptians into current psycho-spiritual awareness.

Katy Noura divides her time between London and Cairo, teaching and offering guidance, inspiration, and healing. In 2009 O Books published ‘The Egyptian Path of Love’ her system of magic/spiritual development based on the seven chakras which she has been teaching in Egypt for the past ten years and she has just completed ‘The Egyptian Star of Life’ a comprehensive system of magical training based on the sacred pentagram and the Tarot, which translates the Egyptian temple techniques of sacred marriage into an accessible format for modern aspirants and practitioners.
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