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Nakba 74 - Rally & Mobilization

Nakba 74 - Rally & Mobilization

Date(s) - 05/14/2022
All Day

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Valencia St & 16th St


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US Palestinian Community Network, Answer Coalition Bay Area

San Francisco, CA 
Join us as we prepare to commemorate another year of Palestinian resistance to the ongoing occupation of Palestine. RALLY AND MOBILIZATION! Bay Area show up for Palestine!
What is happening in Palestine?
The Israeli occupation is again escalating its ethnic cleansing of Palestine during the holy month of Ramadan. Israeli armed forces are attacking Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Settler organizations continue violent attacks on Palestinians in Jenin and Sheikh Jarrah, while the Palestinian resistance mobilizes to combat these excursions. 47 Palestinian have been killed by the IDF in 2022, while Gaza has been bombed numerous times. Palestinian political prisoners continue militant resistance from inside Israeli jails through hunger strikes and political organizing.
What is the Nakba?
If you want to understand the root of the ongoing injustice Palestinians are facing, here are the simple facts. For centuries, Palestinians had been living in vibrant towns and cities in Palestine. But in 1948, people who wanted to establish Israel on land where Palestinians were already living forced nearly 75% of the Palestinian population out of their homes and off their land, separating families and destroying entire communities. Palestinians call this the “Nakba,” which is an Arabic word that means “catastrophe.”
The Nakba has never ended, and Palestinians are still fighting to stay on their lands as the colonial state of Israel intensifies its attacks each year.
Co-Organized by: Al-Awda Bay Area, ANSWER Coalition, Arab Resource & Organizing Center, Art Forces, Friends of Wadi Fouqin, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Jewish Voices for Peace – Bay Area, Middle East Children’s Alliance, NorCal Sabeel, Palestinian Youth Movement – Bay Area, Queers Undermining Israeli Terror, US Palestinian Community Network, Workers World Party

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