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ONLINE TALK - The early Crusades viewed from Islamic perspectives 1099-1174

ONLINE TALK - The early Crusades viewed from Islamic perspectives 1099-1174

Date(s) - 08/12/2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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£7.06 – £9.21 USD
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Join us in welcoming the return of Dr Nic Morton as he delivers the second talk of a series of talks on the Crusades.

About this event

On the eve of the Crusades, the Muslim societies in the Near East were in a state of flux. In recent decades, the great Seljuk Turkish Empire had first established itself in Iraq and Persia before expanding into Syria and later disintegrating into a major civil war. Meanwhile a breakaway dynasty of the Seljuk Empire established its authority over much of Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). To the south there was the powerful Fatimid dynasty of Egypt struggling to maintain its borders against the encroaching Seljuk Turks, while Bedouin tribes and urban communities attempted to weather the region’s ongoing conflicts. This talk will explore how this diverse group of Muslim societies responded to the advent of the Crusades.

It will discuss:

– how the region’s various Islamic protagonists engaged politically and militarily with the crusaders across the period 1099-1174.

– how Muslim commentators from this period viewed crusaders and settlers from Western Christendom.

– how the concept of Jihad developed in a region where there were many examples of both inter-faith conflict and inter-faith alliances.

– the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge, ideas, technologies and trade goods.

Overall it will re-examine the longstanding view that the crusading era can be described very simply as a head-to-head confrontation between Christianity and Islam. Instead, it will offer a rather more complex picture.


Date: Thursday 12 August 2021

Time: 7pm start online with Q&A’s afterwards

Tickets cost £6 for members of Heritage Lincolnshire and £8 for non-members. There is a discounted ticket that covers all 4 talks in this series. Please go to for more information on all tickets.

Talk series is as follows:

1. Ships and navigation at the time of the Crusades – Thurs 15 July

2. The early Crusades viewed from Islamic perspectives (1099-1174) – Thurs 12 August

3. Daily life in the Crusader States – Thurs 16 September

4. The Fourth Crusade: the fall of Constantinople – Thurs 14 October



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