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Our Struggles Are Inherently Intertwined

Our Struggles Are Inherently Intertwined

Date(s) - 02/16/2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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The City College of New York


About this Event


Hosted by Beyond Identitity: A Gendered Platform for Scholar Activists


Meeting ID: 870 2319 6198

Passcode: 326536



Dr. Sheriden Booker is a cultural strategist, artist, and the current Director of The Beyond Identity Program at The City College of New York. She began her career in film and television production at Walt Disney Studios as a fellow of the Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minorities in Media. However, her time as an international student at the University of Matanzas in Cuba piqued her interest in Africa and the broader Diaspora, inspiring her to pursue graduate studies in Afro-Atlantic history and African diasporic religions as practiced today in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States. Booker holds a doctorate in African American Studies and Anthropology from Yale University, where she was the recipient of a Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship for her research in post-Special Period Cuba. Her academic interests include the impact of racial capitalism, (neo)colonialism, and gendered violence on cultural production and religion, and the ways in which Afro-Atlantic religious practitioners and women in particular, formulate and embody narratives of resistance and tradition within and against these social matrices. Dr. Booker has forged a career at the intersections of the academy, her artistry, and consulting work with a diverse range of social justice, philanthropic, and arts organizations. Recognizing the ways in African Diasporic religions have both sensationalized and hyper-commercialized within contemporary media yet marginalized and maligned to a point of violent erasure in other instances, Dr. Booker is active in transnational activist networks seeking to build common awareness about the denigration of African diasporic religions as the very first act of dehumanization undertaken during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and one which reverberates through various forms of anti-Blackness in the present. She is a frequent guest speaker about these issues for programs hosted by The United Nations, the Interfaith Center of New York, the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, the Osun State Government of Nigeria, and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute.

Guest Speakers

Nana Gyamfi, J.D.

Executive Director, Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)

Nana Gyamfi, J.D is the Executive Director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), the larges Black-led socialjustice organization representing the nearly 10 million Black immigrants, refugees, and families living in the U.S. A Movement attorney for the past 25 years, Nana is co-founder of Justice Warriors 4Black Lives and Human Rights Advocacy, both dedicated to fighting forhuman rights and Black liberation. She has served as the ExecutiveDirector of Black Women’s Forum (an organization co-founded byCongresswoman Maxine Waters, who serves as its President), and is aformer professor in the Pan African Studies Department at CaliforniaState University Los Angeles. Nana has long been a sought after voice forlegal and political insight into issues affecting Black communities andhas repeat appearances in documentaries and other media, includingTales of the Grim Sleeper and Democracy Now! With AmyGoodman.

Alejandra Pablos

Reproductive Justice and Migrant rights activist

Alejandra Pablos is reproductive justicecommunity organizer and storyteller at the intersections of penal andimmigration, in deportation proceedings. On December 11th 2018 shewas ordered deported by an immigration judge and is appealing thatdecision. Alongside of community members, and her deportationdefense team, they are creating strategies to keep fighting thedeportation machine in Arizona. Alejandra case first went viral when shewas re-detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement for 43 days. Shewas granted bond and brought home after communities nationwideorganized to bring her home. Since 2011, she has worked to advocate forhuman and civil rights, dedicating her life to organizing for immigrantrights and reproductive justice. Alejandra is a WeTestify Abortionstoryteller, Mijente member & works with immigrant rights & prisonabolition organizers throughout the country.

Lumumba Bandele

Former National Strategies and Partnerships Director at The Movement for Black Lives

Lumumba Akinwole -Bandele is a father,husband, and longtime community organizer and educator from CentralBrooklyn. Lumumba is the former National Strategies and PartnershipsDirector at The Movement for Black Lives. From 1994 – 1998 Lumumbaserved as programming coordinator at the Franklin H. WilliamsCaribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCC). During histenure at CCC, he also co-found Azabache, an organizers trainingconference and workshop series for young activists. All the while as aBlack Studies Major at City College of NY/CUNY. He went on to receive hisMasters in Human Service from Lincoln University in 1998. As a memberand organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Mr.Akinwole-Bandele helped establish its campaign to counter police abuseand misconduct. He also co-founded the world renowned Black AugustHip Hop Project. Black August raises awareness and support for politicalprisoners in the United States. From 2002 to 2007 Lumumba served as acounselor and lecturer at Medgar Evers College/CUNY. Fall 2019,Lumumba taught an Introduction to Ethnic Studies course at SanFrancisco State University. Lumumba continues to teach his communityorganizing class as an adjunct lecturer within the City University of NewYork. From 2011 to 2020, he served as the Director of CommunityOrganizing at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Lumumbacurrently sits on two boards, the Center for Constitutional Rights and theCaribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute.

Fahd Ahmen, J.D.

Executive Director of Desis Rising and Moving Up (DRUM)

Fahd Ahmed, J.D came to the United States as anundocumented immigrant from Pakistan in 1991. He has been agrassroots organizer on the issues of racial profiling, immigrant justice,police accountability, and national security over the last 13 years. Fahdattended Vanderbilt University as an undergraduate, and went to theCUNY School of Law. Fahd has been involved with DRUM in variouscapacities since 2000, when he had family members facing deportation,and entrapment as part of the War on Drugs. Within DRUM, Fahd co-ledthe work with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrant detaineesbefore, and immediately after 9/11, by coordinating the detaineevisitation program. Over the last 3 years, as the Legal and Policy Directorat DRUM, Fahd ran the End Racial Profiling Campaign and broughttogether the coalitions working on Muslim surveillance, and stop andfrisk, to work together to pass the landmark Community Safety Act. He isalso a member of the Steering Committee for the National Campaign onSurveillance and Use of Informants, which is housed out of DRUM.Fahd was a recipient of the Haywood Burns Fellowship from the NationalLawyers Guild, and served as an Ella Baker intern at the Center forConstitutional Rights. In addition to DRUM, Fahd worked as a legalconsultant with the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana on documentingand reforming policies of juvenile detention center in Louisiana. Fahdalso worked as a lecturer and researcher on Islamophobia, nationalsecurity, and social movements at the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities andDiasporas Initiative at the College of Ethnic Studies at San FranciscoState University. He was also a Human Rights and National SecurityReform Fellow with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, and a Fellowwith the American Muslim Civil Leadership Institute.


Meeting ID: 870 2319 6198

Passcode: 326536

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