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Part 2: Al-Ghazali on Solitude and Spiritual Awakening

Date(s) - 06/12/2020
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

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Part 2: Webinar on solitude and spiritual awakening


Join Part 2 of this webinar which focuses on practical spirituality based on on Al-Imam Al-Ghazali’s kitab al-‘uzlah or Book of Isolation taken from his famous compendium Ihya Ulum Al-din or Revival of the Religious Sciences.

Missed out on Part 1? Get the video link when you register for this event.

This webinar is especially benefeicial if you’re feeling spiritually empty and isolated during this lockdown pandemic and want to learn practical lessons on how to improve your spiritual and mental wellbeing, then join Ustadh Salman Hasan live or get videos.

The webinar will be of interest to those studying the Arabic language (although no prior Arabic language knowledge is required) and those interested in the science of spirituality.


“This talk was so amazing! Best thing I’ve experineced in years…” (Haroon)


What can we learn from Al-Imam Al-Ghazali?

The event offers an opportunity to discover timeless lessons from the life and teachings of Imam Al-Ghazzali on how to optimise retreat and isolation to lift our spiritual and mental wellbeing.

At the peak of an illustrious career as a scholar, earning him the title Hujjat al-Islam The Proof of Islam, Al-Imam Al-Ghazzali had a personal crisis. Despite his intellectual success, he felt that he lacked a deep spiritual connection with Allah. So he left his fame and success and went into self-isolation, where he focused on developing his connection to Allah.

During this period, he wrote his famous compendium on how to give spiritual meaning to outward actions, Ihya Ulum Al-din Revival of the Religious Sciences. In particular, he wrote a chapter called kitab al-‘uzlah Book of Isolation in which he explains the benefits and dangers of isolation.


Who is the webinar for?

Al-Imam Al-Ghazzali’s life and works could not be more relevant to us today in our current predicament. With the Covid-19 lockdown people are reluctantly forced to self-isolate and social distance. This has taken a toll on our mental and spiritual wellbeing. This webinar will explore:

✅ How to improve love and connection to Allah through our actions

✅ Learn more about the life and teachings of Al-Imam Al-Ghazzali.

✅ Suitable for those who know some Arabic and those who have no or little Arabic knowledge.


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