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Practical Faith

Date(s) - 07/13/2019
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Center DC


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Practical Faith in an impractical World: Aqidah amid the circumstances of context.

Join Center DC as we dive deep into the first pillar of Islam covering not only that which is obligatory to us, but also that which is relevant to our current social climate. Looking forward to the Q&A. Definitely come prepared to ask all the questions you might have regarding Islamic Theology or God and God’s engagement in this world!

About the Speaker:
Shaykh Jihad Hashim Brown is a classically trained Muslim scholar of the traditional Islamic disciplines, with a focus on theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, and legal theory. An American scholar who has lived, studied, and worked throughout Europe and the Arab world.

Born in Santa Ana—California, Shaykh Jihad completed his degree in Psychology at Rutgers. Following graduation, he went on to pursue a rigorous classical curriculum with prominent Sharīʿah authorities in Syria and Morocco; at whose hands he became authorized to teach and pass on these sacred disciplines with advanced licenses (ijazāt khāṣṣah).

His teachers include the likes of Muḥammad Adīb al-Kallās, Saʿīd Ramaḍān al-Būṭī, Muḥammad ʿAlī al-Shuqayr, ʾUsāmah A.K. al-Rifāʿī, al-Faqīh Muḥammad al-Ghālī al-Dādisī, Muḥammad Muṭīʿ al-Ḥāfiẓ, and the immanent sage, al-Shaykh ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Shāghūrī.

After his studies, Shaykh Jihad lived and worked in the Arab world, while also working extensively with Muslim communities of the United States and Europe. As a critical public intellectual, Shaykh Jihad has appeared frequently on a variety of Arab and international outlets, such as the BBC, CNN, IQRA, MBC, & ART; and has written widely for different print and online media, including a weekly column in The National on culture & contemporary society.

He continues to be regularly consulted by public and private sectors in the West and the Arab world on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslim society.
In the academic arena, he attained post-graduate degrees in Philosophical Theology at the University of Cambridge, in Metaphysics —A Critique of Heidegger’s Problem of Onto-theology from ʿAbd al-Ghanī al- Nābulsī’s Synthesis of Scholasticism and Neoplatonism; and Philosophy of Mind—Sustainable Souls: Philosophy of Mind in the Kalām Theology of ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-ʾĪjī.

He is the author of “Metaphysical Dimensions of Muslim Environmental Consciousness” (2012), “The Problem of Reductionism in Philosophy of Mind and its Implications for Theism and the Principle of Soul” (2013), and Conference of the Trees: Language & Meaning: Compelling Beauty and the Cogency of Possibility (forthcoming).

Shaykh Jihad served as a research associate at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies until 2010. During that time he also held positions as both CEO then Director of Research with The Ṭābah Foundation in Abu Dhabi—UAE. He was the Friday khaṭīb of the Maryam Bint Sulṭān Mosque in the Baṭeen Quarter of the Capital for five years, as well.

After nearly two decades abroad, he returned to his home country in 2012, spending time in Princeton, Tampa, and Oakland, in California’s East Bay. Alongside his mentoring and scholastic duties, he serves as an academic consultant and freelance writer on issues pertaining to Islam, Muslim American communities, and the interplay between normative Islamic thought and the modern world.

Coffee, Tea and other refreshments will be served at no additional price!

Do not let the price of this event deter you from attending. Scholarships are available. For more information please contact us via instagram @centerdc

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