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Queer Palestinians talk: identity within and without the diaspora

Date(s) - 10/29/2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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QuARC Berlin

Razan Ghazzawi, Widad Assaf and Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin share their experiences as queer activists and academics in Palestine and the diaspora.

About this Event

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As part of Anticolonial Month 2020 and in collaboration with Palestine Speaks – Coalition for Palestinian Rights and Against Racism, Berlin Against Pinkwashing, and Anticolonial Berlin, QuARC is excited to present:

حديث كويري: الهوية الفلسطينية الكويرية في فلسطين والشتات

Queer Palestinians speak: identity within and without the diaspora

Thursday 29 October 2020

20:00 Palestine, 19:00 CET, 18:00 GMT, 14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT

Length: 1.5 hours

We, Palestinian and non-Palestinian members of QuARC, created this event to magnify queer Palestinian voices and give them the space they deserve, outside the boring, belittling space of “BDS: Yes or No?”

Queer Palestinians are tired of being silenced, marginalised, and made invisible, both at home and around the globe. The struggles of queer Palestinians are part and parcel of the Palestinian struggle, and part of broader worldwide movements for human rights and justice.

We are thrilled to welcome Widad Assaf, Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin, and Razan Ghazzawi, who will share their experiences, thoughts, and visions, along with renowned journalist Rasha Hilwi, who will guide the conversation.


Razan Ghazzawi (she/they)

An award winning human rights defender and blogger, Razan is an exiled Palestinian Syrian USian scholar-activist and a doctoral researcher in Gender Studies at the University of Sussex. Her thesis looks at different forms of mobilization of queerness in the context of ‘war on terror’ in the Syrian war. Detained twice by the Syrian state, Razan was exiled by Al Qayda and ISIS groups in Northern Syria. She is the founder of the Feminist ArQives and a co-founder of Karama Bus project in Idlib.

Widad Assaf (she)

A Palestinian feminist lawyer, Widad currently works as the Legal Coordinator at the Human Rights Defenders Fund. Previously she worked at Amnesty International and Physicians for Human Rights. Widad is a member of Masaha- acceisible feminist knowledge, and board member of Aswat – Palestinian Center for Sexual and Gender freedoms. She is a passionate advocate for human and animal rights and is invested in bringing more attention to the case of Palestinian political prisoners, especially women, both locally and globally.

Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin (she)

A feminist sociologist with a PhD from the University of Warwick, Nof has over fifteen years of experience, extending beyond the academia to different international, national and local non-governmental organisations, across Arabic-speaking countries. Nof’s work and publications focus on issues related to social justice, including environmental feminism, intersectional feminism, sexuality, class, refugeehood, displacement, forced migration, decolonial and queer methods, class, masculinities, sexual practices and gender performances, and agency. Nof’s work also investigates the intersections of gender with cultural, economic and political class.

Rasha Hilwi (she)

A Palestinian writer, journalist and a cultural activist, Rasha is the co-editor in chief of Raseef22. and the co-founder of Hammam Radio, a feminist participatory online radio platform. Rasha is also a DJ who sees music as another form of storytelling. She does what calls “DJ Storytelling”, an artistic form of mixing stories and music about “Home بيت” and “Ghorbah غربة”.


Tickets are FREE and available here via Eventbrite. If you believe that you may be at risk by entering your name or other personally identifying information on, please email us at


The discussion will take place in English and Arabic. To join the event, a device with internet and sound (e.g. smartphone, laptop, computer) is required. If you have any accessibility needs, please get in touch with us at

For event info in Arabic, please click here


This event is FREE to attend. QuARC is a grassroots, independent group without any institutional funding.

If you would like to help us pay the speakers, moderators and translators involved in this event, please send us a donation via PayPal: Go to the PayPal website and choose “send money” in the menu, our PayPal email is Or use this link:


QuARC is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof).

We will not tolerate harassment of the speakers or moderators in any form. Comments and messages violating these rules may be deleted and the people posting them may be blocked or removed from the event at the discretion of the organizers.


The imagery for this event was created by Nour Al-Safadi, a Palestinian graphic designer and a visual artist based in Berlin, born in Syria. He studies visual communication at the UdK Universität der Künste Berlin.

See more of Nour’s stunning work at:

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