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Ramadan For Me Exhibition - 2021 - SANTA CLARA, CA

Date(s) - 05/08/2021
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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The 2021 Ramadan For Me Exhibition is organized to awaken Ramadan’s virtue with various handmade artworks created by children.

About this Event

The 2021 Ramadan For Me Exhibition is a contest aiming to awaken Ramadan’s virtue with various handmade artworks that are created by younger generations of Bay Area Cultural Connections members.

The main goal of this Exhibition is to create a space for students to express their understanding of Ramadan and its values through their own artworks. Although students are encouraged to bring the best work that they can produce, the more important thing for us is to see the student’s effort and his/her own perspective of Ramadan.

We’re hoping to see artworks and projects that will bring out the spirit of Ramadan that we all miss in this unprecedented time.

Come and join us on this happy Ramadan day. You can bring your family, your children and spend a couple of cheerful hours to get rid of quaranteen distreess and get socialize. You can see the artworks of our youth and chat with them to understand what Ramadan means to them.

Some things to consider for the event day:

  • It won’t be possible for your children to participate in the contest itself. Instead, you and your children can choose the best artwork as visitors to help the contest participants win the prize.
  • We recommend you to be here 15 mins prior to your event slot’s starting time.
  • We have reserved parking. Don’t hesitate to use your car to get to the venue.
  • Please arrive here on time and use your time slot to visit the exhibition. There is an attendee limit for each time slot.


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