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Remembering the Neteru: Egyptian Shamanic Circle

By: | posted on: Oct 5, 2019

Date(s) - 10/05/2019
8:45 am - 10:30 am

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Remembering the Neteru: (Thy Egyptian Pantheon)

I have been receiving guidance from Sekhmet to hold another circle in her honor. Our theme for this circle will be Awakening the Sekhem with Sekhmet at the Karnak temple.

This is a periodic Egyptian Shamanic Circle: with a “SoulFul Remembrance”’s Dr. Kathia. Facilitating an embodied experience and journey for you to attune and explore the sacred temples of Egypt and build your Neteru Council in accordance with the guiding principles of Maa’t.

We will serve as a witness for each other’s unfolding during this sacred ancient work and will partake in storytelling and spiritual journaling. We will practice exercises that you can instill at home. We will also have a private FB page that we can post in as things arise, and as we deepen with this work. I will post photo’s here to further assist with your visualization and journeying practices.

Dr. Kathia is a medicine woman, a soul coach, a frequency alchemist and Spiritual Conduit for what is calling to be remembered. She is a graduate from the Neolyth shamanic training and has studied and been initiated in various priestess work and Egyptian Mythology. Her most recent activations were with her long-time teachers; Achintia Devi from Goddess Rising Mystery School and 13 Moon Sisterhood, and Sarah Naia Soleil Intuitive Mentorship on a priestess pilgrimage to Egypt that has lead her to deepen with the lineage of Thoth. She is in service of Maa’t. Her facilitation in the Neteru is based on her own remembered relationship with the Egyptian Pantheon and purely as a hollow bone for the Neteru to work through her and show up in all of her offerings.


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