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ROOTS Week 2018

By: | posted on: Aug 7, 2018

Date(s) - 08/07/2018 - 08/12/2018
All Day

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Lutheridge Camp and Conference Center


0-45 USD
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Alternate ROOTS


EVERYONE attending ROOTS Week – even babies and young children! – must be registered individually. Accommodations are limited, and to make sure attendees are as comfortable as possible, we need to have an accurate headcount of who will be staying on campus at Lutheridge. Minors under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To register families during the pay-what-you-can period, you must complete each registration one after another. Please list your family members as ‘roommates’, and our registration team will know to house you all together. 

EVERYONE is welcome at ROOTS Week.

It is the mission of Alternate ROOTS to strive to be allies in the elimination of all forms of oppression, and we cultivate an intentionally diverse and inclusive community. We embrace all people – across race, gender, sexuality, religion, immigration status, ability, or any other marginalized identity. We actively resist racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and all other forms of oppression.

We want you to bring your whole self to ROOTS Week! Please be prepared to take whatever space and/or seek whatever individual counsel you may need during ROOTS Week to be “respectfully responsible” for your own comfort as an ally in this resistance.

A non-refundable deposit ($25 for members, $100 for non-members) is required to complete registration. For those registering after the pay-what-you-can period, fees must be paid in full by July 6 2018 or your registration will be cancelled.

Alternate ROOTS’ 42nd Annual Meeting & Artists’ Retreat

ROOTS Week Annual Meeting & Artists’ Retreat is a one-of-a-kind gathering – six days of performances, art and organizing workshops, visual art exhibitions, our famous Late Night cabarets, and ROOTS’ annual business meeting, in a retreat-like setting in the mountains of North Carolina. Artists, cultural organizers, and their families come from across the South (and beyond!), joining an ever-growing, ever-changing network of people committed to building a just world through arts, community, and activism.

This year, our theme of RE/NEW! inspires us to both RENEWourselves and our community, while also moving towards the NEW.

In this political climate we need to RENEW: to pull the wisdom from the past forward with us, to make it – and ourselves – new again. We’ll gather at ROOTS Week to renew our spirits, recover our histories, revive our arts/organizing practices, replenish our Creating-a-Better-World toolkits, and re-vision the future that we are working towards, together.

And, we know that we have our individual and collective growing edges – places where we need to call in the NEW. Places where we need to grow like never before. Some of these were named last year in our UpROOTing Oppressions sessions: gender/queer liberation, decolonization, consent culture, youth leadership, and intersectionality. We’ll be making a special call for programming in these areas, and we invite performances, Learning Exchanges, and visual arts that speak directly to them. Alongside all this deep, rich newness, we’ll also be welcoming Michelle Ramos our NEW Executive Director. We envision a ROOTS Week that celebrates and courageously nurtures new people, new ideas, and new ways of building our beloved community.

We envision a ROOTS Week 2018 that nurtures new ways of being as we learn from our growing edges.

RE/NEW! draws on our year-long Renew Your ROOTS campaign, an invitation to our members and friends – old and new – to reflect on what ROOTS means to you, and what you mean to ROOTS. How, as artist-activists, does ROOTS RE/NEW you? And how do we, as a community, keep ROOTS RE/NEWED? Renew Your ROOTS offers many ways to engage in the work renewing Alternate ROOTS year-round, and attending ROOTS Week is one of them!

So please join us in August! We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll share art and stories, raucous laughter and quiet moments. Together, we’ll call forth wisdom from our collective past and radically imagine our collective future. We’ll RE/NEW!

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