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"Secrets of the Dead Sea" Planetarium Show

"Secrets of the Dead Sea" Planetarium Show

Date(s) - 07/15/2020
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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Rice University Physics & Astronomy Department

“Secrets of the Dead Sea” is a planetarium show telling the story of this ancient region, its geography history and unique solar calendar. 7pm-8:15pm EDT

About this Event

SECRETS OF THE DEAD SEA is a full-dome documentary, filmed at the Dead Sea and from space with historical and astronomical animations. In this show, the Dead Sea comes alive through stories preserved in its cliffs and caves – and in the stars overhead. Ancient scrolls chronicle the passage of time by motions of the sun and moon, while rock and sand preserve a living record of a place as timeless as the star patterns above.

SECRETS OF THE DEAD SEA tells the story of this timeless place through its history, religion, astronomy and geology.

Long ago plates in the Earth’s crust pulled apart and formed a rift valley stretching from Syria to Mozambique. The Dead Sea is the lowest point of this valley. In more recent times, when Judea fell to the Romans, we can imagine scribes and scholars rushing to hide their precious scrolls in the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea’s northern shore. Carefully they closed up the caves, hiding any evidence of the scholarly treasure within. Now this delicate ecosystem is threatened by irrigation projects that shrink the sea and lower the water table below.

SECRETS OF THE DEAD SEA is dedicated to the courage of the Columbia Crew of STS 107, including Ilam Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut. While orbiting above the Dead Sea in the Space Shuttle, Col. Ramon carried a Torah scroll, the book of Psalms. He saw hope and a vision for the future when he said, “The world looks marvelous from up here, so peaceful, so wonderful and so fragile.”

The show will be streamed interactively using Zoom, a free app for computers and smart phones. The Zoom login will be send with the confirmation email and on your “ticket”, so be sure your email is spelled correctly and that you can receive emails. The show will be streamed in English with English subtitles in a special warped format to increase the feel of immersion. To view in other languages (and to view others of our shows) see

Ask questions and make comments during the show by using the “chat” window. After the show, “raise your hand” in the “participant” window so we can call on you! We love questions from kids!

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Do I need a ticket for each person?

No, you only need one ticket for each device you will use at one time. We encourage groups to share a computer so that more can participate.

Do I need a web camera for my zoom?

No, you are not required to have a camera or mike for the Zoom, but we love to see your face during the Q&A. We record the sessions so it you don’t want you or your child’s face recorded, just “stop” your video.

Do I need my ticket?

No, but it has the zoom info on it so keep it handy. If we have to change the Zoom info, just “reprint” your ticket and it will show the updated login.

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