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Thé à l'Oriental 7 - Attaï Sharq 7

By: | posted on: May 18, 2019

Date(s) - 05/18/2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Studio 665


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Woburn, Massasuchetts


Boston dance community is very happy to welcome the 7 “Thé à l’Oriental” witch have also a new name: “Attaï Sharq”. Since that seven edition is during Ramadan, I am organizing a Moroccan style Iftar.
I am honored to host Tamalyn DallalAmar Garcia and Hanane El as main speaker. But also I will have some surprise guests” You & Us, and We”. The discussion is “When East meets West”: Bellydance / Raqs Sharqi Dialogue.

What is the Thé à l’Oriental – Attaï Sharq?

Born in Belgium from Moroccan parents, I had the chance to grew up between two cultures. I always considered my differences as a strength, and that strength is the ability to exchange ideas with each other and be able to understand each other. This is the main goal of the ” Thé à l’orientale”: to have a good time around a tea, sweet and take the time to learn, exchange and discuss about art and middle eastern, North african Culture. From the presentation of a speaker, from a documentary, an article or from a dance performance. We will try to have a reflexion around a central question with audience participation.

” Because we like to talk around a cup of tea,
we never let the cup get empty,
so that keeps the conversation going infinitely”.

Soumaya MaRose

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