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The Contemporary Colonial Struggle: Palestinian Resistance, Rights and the Law

The Contemporary Colonial Struggle: Palestinian Resistance, Rights and the Law

Date(s) - 06/15/2021
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS

This panel discussion comes at a critical moment of a renewed assault on Palestine and Palestinians and a rekindled worldwide concern for the de-colonial struggle that has been ongoing for over a century for fundamental political and civil rights, material well-being and security, and sovereignty over land and resources. The expert panel will mark these struggles and their legal framing in a conversation around the publication of Al-Haq: The First Palestinian Human Rights Organization by Lynn Welchman.
The book, an open-access publication of the New Directions in Palestinian Studies book series, examines the journey of al-Haq, from its origins in 1979 in Ramallah in the occupied Palestinian Territories to its legacy and international impact. It explores al-Haq’s formative roles in innovating methodologies in law and human rights practice, and in developing legal and policy arguments that significantly shaped and served both theoretical discourse and practical struggle in, about, and beyond Palestine. Law and rights as resistance, as struggle, as the future: al-Haq continues this work today even as we are witnessing yet another massive assault on Palestinians and their rights in international law.
Organised by: Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS, School of Law, SOAS and New Directions in Palestinian Studies at Brown University.
Contact email: Aki Elborzi
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