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The Valley of The Kings: Exploring Egypt's Most Famous Tombs

The Valley of The Kings: Exploring Egypt's Most Famous Tombs

Date(s) - 03/07/2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Ancient Egypt Alive

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by Ancient Egypt Alive

Date And Time

Sun, March 7, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PST

Hear the enthralling story of the great King’s Valley – home to the Tut tomb, and the burial ground of Egypt’s New Kingdom Pharaohs!

About this Event

For nearly 500 years (c.1500 to 1000 BCE) The Valley of the Kings was the place where the Pharaohs of Egypt hid their tombs. Thanks to the recent work of the Theban Mapping Project (and Dr. Kent Weeks), these tombs have been lovingly preserved, well lit, made more accessible — and (through signage and resources) their mysterious texts made more comprehensible to travelers.

In this enriching talk by a Canadian Egyptologist, you will learn how this burial ground began, how it evolved and why it ended. Penetrate the labyrinthine passageways, and decipher some of the secret texts on the walls — strange images and hieroglyphics that remain vividly colourful 3000 years later. We will look at the history, the kings, the talented workmen… and religious beliefs behind this fabled place – one of the world’s greatest ancient sites.

A talk by Laura Ranieri Roy, MA Egyptology and Founder, Ancient Egypt Alive

Laura Ranieri is an Egyptologist (MA University of Toronto), writer and founder of A passionate and dynamic speaker, she has taught, written and presented on ancient Egypt subjects across North America – and developed/ led unique tours to Egypt and North American Museums. Laura has excavated in Egypt at Amarna and South Asasif and in Bulgaria at a classical Greek site. She is passionate about story-telling and bringing the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt Alive to the general public.

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