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The Workshop of Thutmose, Amarna's Royal Sculptor

The Workshop of Thutmose, Amarna's Royal Sculptor

Date(s) - 08/21/2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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The Workshop of Thutmose, Amarna's Royal Sculptor

The Workshop of Thutmose, Amarna’s Royal Sculptor

Dr. Dimitry Laboury, archaeologist and art historian, Research Director, University of Liege, Belgium, speaks on his expeditions in Amarna

About this Event

The Topic: The sculptor’s workshop at Amarna is open to visitors, but lectures on what was found there are limited. Join us for this rare chance to hear new thoughts on the work of the artist who created stunning portraits of the famous 15th-century BCE royals.

In 1912, German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt and a team from the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft revealed the workshop of an ancient Egyptian sculptor who worked for Pharaoh Akhenaten in the capital of Akhet-Aten, modern Amarna.

Next to the world-famous bust of Nefertiti, the team unearthed a collection of plaster study portraits. Those artifacts have allowed experts to reconstruct both the creative process behind ancient Egyptian portraits and the technique used to ensure the consistency of royal portraiture.

This presentation—coming to us from Belgium—will explore that research from a hands-on perspective as well as the reason why this sculptor, named Thutmose, kept the plaster portraits in his estate.

Trained as both an Egyptologist and art historian, Dr. Dimitri Laboury is the Research Director at the Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research at the University of Liège, where he teaches ancient Egyptian art history, archaeology, history, and history of religion. He has participated in a number of excavations in Egypt, most especially in Thebes and Amarna, and he is co-director of the Belgian Archaeological Expedition in the Theban Necropolis.


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