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There Is A Portal

By: | posted on: Nov 9, 2018

Date(s) - 11/09/2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Christ Church Neighborhood House


$10-$20 USD
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intercultural Journeys


Can an immigrant’s story offer a universal point of connection in today’s America?

There Is A Portal offers a theatrical space for truth-telling and healing, offering us a chance to rebuild our connections to each other. Using live performance, video projections, audience interaction, and humor, EMMY-award winning performer Kayhan Irani shares memories from the Iranian revolution, her struggle to assimilate in NYC, family tales of migration, and characters from her community.

Large political events are counterbalanced with small, personal moments of Irani’s life, and the experiences of her community to demonstrate how the political weaves into personal reality. Irani highlights stories of the targeted to show an unsettling reality, using monologue and narrative to widen the perspective and offer a way forward.

Despite xenophobic narratives and a culture of extreme fear and polarization, we are in a unique moment where hatred is being met with rising desires for humanity and a shared commitment to justice. More and more people want art that deeply engages with political realities, and There Is A Portal offers a chance to rebuild our connections to each other.

Intercultural Journeys curator Alex Shaw joins Irani as a guest artist in this collaborative performance.


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