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Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine

By: | posted on: Jan 10, 2020

Date(s) - 01/10/2020 - 01/12/2020
6:00 pm

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


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Please note the registration deadline is December 15th, 2019,and that registration requires two steps:

  1. Registering for the conference by paying the fee.

(basic registration is $10, sponsor options also available) and

  1. Completing the registration formhere.

* Failing to do either of the above will result in an incomplete and failed registration.

**The registration deadline is Dec 15, 2019, but registration will close once at capacity.

For questions, please contact:

International Meeting of Science for Palestine

M.I.T. ~ Massachusetts Institute of Technology ~ Boston

January 10-12, 2020

For the Advancement, Protecton and Elevation of

Science for Palestine

The 3rd International Meeting will convene people of diverse backgrounds from across the world along with some of the world’s most prominent scientists- including 2018 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner George Smith, MacArthur fellow Astrophysicist Nergis Mavalvala, and renowned Palestinian medic and innovator Dr. Tarek Loubani- who was shot by Israeli snipers as he treated injured Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine, during the Great Return March- along with dozens of internationally based scientists, Palestinian scientists from Historic Palestine, exile and abroad; representatives of the Palestinian Scientific community; key members of Palestinian civil society and Palestinian educational institutions, students, activists, and workers.

The meeting will host an array of plenary sessions and will also run parallel working group sessions to ensure maximum productivity and optimal use of the rare opportunity of the convening to best serve Science and Palestine.

The convening will open with a public plenary session on the evening of Friday, January 10, 2020 entitled “Overcoming The Suppression of STEM: Practicing Science Under Israeli Occupation and Repression,” featuring 2018 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner George Smith and Palestinian Minister of Education Marwan Awartani. The panelists will analyze the extent and impact of the Scientific Community’s failure to stand in support of Palestinians and will devise strategies to counter the complacence of the science community.

The weekend program will run from Saturday morning until Sunday late afternoon and is only open to those who have registered. The weekend program will include working sessions as well as plenary sessions with a focus on the fields of medicine, environmental science, engineering, computer science, math and physics– i.e. the fields identified as critical to Palestinian survival and scientific advancement under Israeli occupation and reppression. The weekend program will also highlight Palestinian scientific innovation, and the resilience and service of Palestinian scientists to Palestinian communities under Israeli siege. Throughout the meeting, working groups comprised of people of diverse backgrounds– scientists and civil society- in coordination with assigned committees will be devising proposals for the protection, advancement and elevation of Science for Palestine.

The convening will close with poster sessions to allow young scientists to present thier work in the prestigious MIT environment. Priority will be given to Palestinian scientists.



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