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Zahara's Dream #BeYouPowerfully Talk: The Power of Young Women

Zahara's Dream #BeYouPowerfully Talk: The Power of Young Women

Date(s) - 12/05/2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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by Zahara's Dream by ZIC

Zahara’s Dream #BeYouPowerfully Talk: The Power of Young Women for Humanitarian Action

About this Event

Join Zahara’s Dream #BeYouPowerfully Talk with Guest Speaker Dashni Morad who will share personal reflections and strategies on the Power of Young Women for Humanitarian Action

About Dashni Morad

“They tried to keep me down; they tried to silence me. But all they ever achieved was to make me fly.”

Dashni Morad is remarkable for many reasons. Back home in Iraqi Kurdistan, she is an inspirational feminist figure, a prominent humanitarian, and a pop star that makes music with purpose. Having been through a tragic journey of objectification and exploitation in the music industry back in her homeland, Dashni today stands tall as a well-respected and talismanic figure over those whom caused her to suffer. And whereas in the past she was forced to make music over which she had no control, her experiences have nurtured her inner artistic flame, and today it burns brighter than ever.

Dashni was publicly shamed, threatened, harassed, manipulated and abused, but she could not be silenced. Her story is one that women all over the world need to hear. She is a symbol of what, despite the odds, women can achieve.

Her music, cultured pop beats with tribal and ethnic influences, and her lyrics, a feminist’s rallying cry, both of which she employs to thrilling effect on her new album, ‘A Little Light in the Dark’–a powerhouse of a record with, unusually, a compelling backstory fuelling it.

Dashni considers herself primarily as a humanitarian, and sees her music as a tool to spread her message. For the past three years, she has been building her own charity, Green Kids, which she setup to provide support to children in poverty and war, recently focusing more on refugee children. To date, Green Kids has donated over 200,000 books to underprivileged schools across war-torn Iraqi Kurdistan, established two mini-libraries at refugee camps, and collected money and other aid for refugees.

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