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Zayah Initiative: The Eve of Her

By: | posted on: Nov 16, 2019

Date(s) - 11/16/2019 - 11/17/2019
6:45 pm - 1:00 am

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Edenian Manor


11-33 USD
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Zayah Initiative


A mystical and sacred evening of art, poetry, dance, and connection awaits…

About this Event

We warmly welcome you to the celebrate the emergence and golden eve of the Feminine through traveling back into the divine and ancient times of Egypt.

Join us for a sacred evening of live performances during sunset, intentional ceremony and communion, gracefully alchemized Peruvian cacao, medicine, artisan chocolate, and indoor dancing and deep connectivity at a wondrous manor in Pacific Palisades, the Edenian Garden.


Please arrive in attire of the colors black, gold, white, or red.


6:45 PM (Arrival) Ancient Berry Kombucha and Love Junn by the Inn of the Seventh Ray

Upon arrival, you’ll be served Junn made with raw honey, damiana, wild crafted saw palmetto, gota cola, jasmine flower, and Chinese green tea.

Originating in ancient Asia, with the earliest mentions coming from manuscripts in Northeast China dating back to 600 BC, the live Junn culture takes parts in the activation of Chi energy and washing out environmental toxins, increasing circulation, and antibiotic qualities.

7:45 PM (Doors Closed) Ethereal Gongs by Daniel Crosser

Daniel, a degreed music professional, bridges the physical and ethereal realms with this embodied soundscape featuring the Mars and Venus planetary gongs.

His live body performance tunes in to the subtle body vibrations of the guests to channel what the room ‘wants’ acoustically and energetically. Using Daniel’s signature Fibonacci-flex sequence, he mimics this recurring pattern found in nature while relaxing this structure enough to blend and integrate emergent sounds and patterns from guests and the energetic field. This way he honors both masculine structure and feminine spontaneous emergence to channel a sound-code unique to the room. This is truly a mind-body, self-other integrative sound-meditation.

8:30 PM: Inner Transformation Journeying with Ian Bailey

We will be holding a Feminine ceremonial initiation along with sound healing, and the serving of medicine and cacao directly sourced from Iquitos, Peru by Ian Bailey, a ceremonial who has been studying yoga and the mystical elements that exist in the world to gage a better understanding of the world around him.

Drawn from ancient practices, this journey is practiced in sacred silence and stillness where each persons space is maintained and sacred. Each person having their own space and experience is an integral part to each person’s journey as is honoring the stillness, music and experience of others.

Learn more about the partaking here.

9:45 PM: Deep Lyrica by Maité Kuyasin

This is a guided song journey that weaves meditation and storytelling together in a cohesive experience to activate and remind us of our deep, inner Truth. Maité sings channeled songs of wisdom that express themes such as worthiness, self-love, empowerment, growth, and spiritual enlightenment. This style of deep, vibrational journeying encompasses a harmonious blend of ancient sound frequencies and storytelling shared in a way that is healing and revealing for all who seek to know themselves. Maité’s intention with writing and sharing her music is to be a bridge between the physical and the ethereal by giving Spirit a voice and guiding listeners to reconnect with their Divinity.

10:45 PM: Sacred Movements by Danielle Rose Bardellini

This is a ritual, tribe-building dance practice. It is a moving meditation for the purpose to connect as a group. The core practice is an improvisational based free-form flow. It honors ancient community ceremonies, celebrates the joy of moving together and weaves a new modern tribe.

The practice guides the group through a series of 9 movements integrating the techniques of viewpoints, tribal, ecstatic, contact improv, and 5rhythms. The movements and practice are influenced by the wisdom of numerological typologies: numerology and enneagram.

Learn more

12 AM: Golden Dusted Chocolate serving + DJing by Brittany Marie

You’ll be served with artisan infused chocolates to create delicious confections that send you on a journey of taste and effect as the night unravels in infinite mysticism and feeling into the deepest essence of yourself through dance.

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