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Zoe Jakes Presents...Fleur Du Danse 2020:A New Orleans Belly Dance Festival

By: | posted on: May 15, 2020

Date(s) - 05/15/2020
9:30 am - 7:30 pm

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New Orleans


55-625 USD
Contact Person:



Kerry Lynn


  • The 2nd annual…Fleur Du Danse: New Orleans! Three days of dance and performance! Located in New Orleans at Zoe Jakes Dance Craft Studio.

Workshops// Performances// Hafla

Presented by Zoe Jakes…. Fleur du Danse is three days of dance workshops and performances! Featuring the talents of:

  • Zoe Jakes
  • Donna Mejia
  • Amy Sigil
  • Kimberly Larkspur
  • Pixie Fordtears

Registration will open December 1st.

Held at the Dance Craft NOLA studio, Fleur Du Danse is a sweet lil’ dance festival that happens in the Spring of New Orleans offering 3 days of boutique sized workshops and performance opportunities within a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Workshops Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am-7:30pm

Performance opportunities & evening shows! Friday Night show featuring teachers and special guests @ The Allways Lounge Theater. Sunday Night Student Hafla featuring workshop participants. Event page for evening shows coming soon…

Hosted by Zoe Jakes & Kerry Lynn

Please email us at for any questions ………………………………………………………………………………………………

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Find the FDD Facebook Event Page HERE



Zoe Jakes: Zills & Drills- Belly Dance Flow Drills with Cymbals! 9am-11am (2hrs) The trifecta of a strong dancer is Technique, Strength, and Flexibility. This Workshop flows through hard core drills, pilates based core muscle building, and the sun salutations. YOU will drill and sweat and the movement will sink into your body. Expect new and creative drills that you can take home for your own personal practice. All aspects of movement will be touched on from the inside out, from head to hips, encouraging use of breath, energy, and connection. My wish is to impart a solid foundation of dance movement with high energy drills and to develop strong, versatile dancers that can intelligently handle any belly dance style.

Donna Mejia : Peaceful Co-Existence 11:30am-2:30pm (3hrs) All-experience levels welcomed. What is the role of the body in the development of an inner life or spirituality? Donna Mejia facilitates this workshop not as a teacher, but as a fellow explorer in what embodied consciousness means to each of us. Dancers have a vital contribution to make to our understanding of embodiment, evolution, and utilizing more of ourselves in all that we do. My larger agenda as a dance professor is not to create cookie cutter clones for successful stage careers. Rather, I aim to create more ambassadors in the world whom are integrated humans: emotionally brave and intellectually clear folks whom understand the body is not the obstruction to spiritual and intellectual growth Western history and religion would have us believe. This dance workshop involves movement, discussion and reflection/contemplation time. Donna will summarize a collection of cultural paradigms about the role of physicality in our emotional, mental and spiritual evolution, and provide prompts for you to examine your own assumptions, indoctrinations and biases around working with YOUR body. This workshop provides the potential to excavate down to new levels of honesty with ourselves, fortify our spiritual bravery for the resistance we may experience, and embrace opportunities for maturation. Participants of all belief systems, experience levels, and gender expression are warmly welcomed. Please dress in layers that can be added or shed as our activity level changes your bodily temperature. Please bring a yoga mat and your capture materials of choice (a journal or computer for harvesting your insights and thoughts). An open mind, a discerning and diplomatic tongue, and a generous sense of humor will make it a positive experience for all as a community.

Kimberly Larkspur: Lines in the Sand 3pm-5pm (2hrs) All levels. Explore some fresh footwork patterns and floor pathways that’ll inspire you to infuse your dance with unusual layers and dramatic facing choices. We’ll start with short, simple phrases and build toward increased length and complexity. Combinations will feature optional layering, allowing dancers to scale the experience to their individual skill levels.

Amy Sigil: Generate 5:30pm-7:30pm (2hrs) Let’s make things quick! Tools and tricks to get you producing fast! The art of “don’t over think it” and move!



Amy Sigil: ITS Vocabulary 9am-11am (2hrs) You want more ITS?! I got more ITS! If you need to beef up your vocabulary, here’s your workshop! Stall movements, cues and combinations ready to drop right into your improvisation game. No ITS experience required.

Zoe Jakes: Style & Grace 11:30am-2:30pm (3hrs) Get to the root of your movements to unlock the softness and fluidity that is in all of us. By bringing awareness to all parts of the body while dancing, we will take the next step to truly connecting to pure movement and conveying it with subtlety while performing. The goal is to soften and polish that which you already have, and gain a deeper awareness while dancing. Expect to work on arms, pops, poses, bellyrolls, and plenty of hipwork as we explore more intermediate concepts of Belly Dance.

Donna Mejia: Rhythm and Blues/Bump and Groove 3pm-5pm (2hrs) All levels welcome. With great affection, Donna Mejia offers this workshop as a tribute to the Rhythm and Blues music of her Creole Culture. This experience will be part dance class, and part ethnomusicology film/lecture! We will explore the common denominators of blues music (the roots of contemporary R&B) as it was imported and transformed by North and West African slaves in the American South. You will be delighted to learn that some popular rhythms, instruments, and musical flavors in the U.S.A. have an unbroken lineage of influence over hundreds of years from the North African and Arabian cultures of antiquity. Fusion is as old as contact between cultures, and this workshop will address some frequent gaps of information in our own understanding of North American popular music. Our dancing will be as varied as our sonic landscape, so please come ready to explore the movement history behind our love of gritty, funky, soul-searing and syncopated music!

Pixie FordtearsFireball & Honey 5:30pm-7:30pm (2hrs) A dynamic choreography slathered with gooey movement, crisp attacks, and delicious recoil. You will learn some of Pixie’s signature style from her cross training and how she integrates it into bellydance, and will see how she hears music through movement! This will be a brand new choreography just for New Orleans!


Donna Mejia: Adventures in Hardcore/Parkour/Dance Floors 9am-11am (2hrs) Intermediate and experienced movers. This class is an experiment in ballistic movement and transnational fusion dance! Donna Mejia will provide a vigorous warm up and progress to an exploration of power moves through space. Let’s re-vision hip work, torso undulations, and micro-articulation beyond stationery practice, and play with full-blown movements such as running, jumping, rolling and sliding across the floor. This workshop is not about proficiency or mastery of movement, but it is most certainly about play! As usual, you can expect Donna to bring her dirties beats and juiciest playlists for this session of vigorous movements.

Amy Sigil: 6 of Cups 11:30am-2:30pm (3hrs) The 6 of cups often shows an increased level of harmony and cooperation. You are ready to give and receive without expectation. it’s time to turn over a new leaf and start a fresh from a more positive place. A full choreography complete with videos for take home. (Please wear a long full skirt or dress if possible.)

Kimberly Larkspur: Smooth & Slow 3pm-5pm (2hrs) Sink in to a decadent choreography composed as a celebration of sensation, and explore spacious phrasing, sinuous layers, and breathy transitions. This baby purrs like a kitten and fits like a glove. Recommended for intermediate to advanced dancers, but adventurous beginners are welcome!

Zoe Jakes: BALKAN PARTY! 5:30pm-7:30pm (2hrs) Balkan party combos and drills. You will dance, sweat, and dance some more!!!! Using the backbone that is Jamila format and Zoe’s first teacher Katarina Burda’s stylization, we will incorporate earthy hip movements with high energy drills and short combos. The playlist is rocking and will keep the class going, along with cute combos that are super fun in the moment, but so perfect to take away for your own choreography! 5-6 short and fun Balkan inspired combos will be covered in this workshop.


PRICING PACKAGES: Registration opens Monday, Dec.2nd @9am CST for Full Day Passes & Weekend Passes ONLY. A La Carte workshops will be open starting Wednesday, Dec.4th.

Prices below are for workshops only. Does not include showcase or Hafla. Event page for evening showcase coming soon.

Early Bird Prices end Feb.1, 2019.

A LA CARTE: $55- 2 hr / $70- 3 hr (Before Feb.1) $65- 2hr/ $80- 3hr (After Feb.1)

FULL DAY: $215 (Before Feb.1) $255 (After Feb.1)

3-DAY PASS : $625 (Before Feb.1)$745 (After Feb.1) Payment plan option of two payments split.

PAYMENT PLAN: There is a payment plan option for the 3-Day Pass with two payments of $375 (must be paid in full by Feb 15th, 2019.) No refunds on payment plan.

BOUTIQUE SIZED CLASSES: When we say “boutique”, we mean it! There will be a maximum capacity of 30-35 students per workshop ONLY. So be sure to reserve your spot. This is a great chance to learn from your favorite teachers in a very intimate environment.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be given once payment has been made. However, you are always welcome to sell your spot to someone else or to check in with us to see if we have anyone on our waitlist that we can refer you to.

GETTING THERE & PARKING: Being that the dance studio is in a residential neighborhood with very little parking, we strongly recommend that you get dropped off or take an Uber and do NOT plan to park or walk..

PLACES TO STAY: If you’re coming in from out of town, we will be happy to direct you to places to stay nearby! We recommend the Marigny/Bywater neighborhoods or French Quarter, all being a quick ride away and filled with magical little spots to explore. There are plenty of sweet Hotels, Airbnbs, Bed & Breakfasts to choose from.

Please email us at for any questions


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